Mobile Service definition

Mobile Service means the mobile service we provide to you enabling you to use and receive a range of mobile services including, but not limited to, messaging services, age restricted services and premium services.
Mobile Service means a radio communication service carried on between mobile stations or receivers and land stations, and by Mobile Stations communicating among themselves, and includes (a) both one-way and two-way radio communication services, (b) a mobile service which provides a regularly interacting group of base, mobile, portable, and associated control and relay stations (whether licensed on an individual, cooperative, or multiple basis) for private one-way or two-way land mobile radio communications by eligible users over designated areas of operation, and (c) any service for which a license is required in a personal communications service established pursuant to the FCC proceeding entitled ''Amendment to the Commission's Rules to Establish New Personal Communications Services'' (GEN Docket No. 90-314; ET Docket No. 92-100), or any successor proceeding.
Mobile Service means a radio communication service between mobile and land stations or between mobile stations;

Examples of Mobile Service in a sentence

  • However, please note that if You have committed to the purchase of a Corresponding Mobile Device under an Instalment Plan or the subscription of a Corresponding Mobile Device from Us, termination of Your Mobile Service may result in the acceleration of some or all outstanding Monthly Instalments in respect of that Corresponding Mobile Device (unless We otherwise agree in accordance with Our Payment Assistance Policy or in Our absolute discretion).

More Definitions of Mobile Service

Mobile Service means a Service that accesses Accounts via a Mobile Device.
Mobile Service is as defined by the FCC.
Mobile Service means a mobile radio telephone and Mobile Data service or Mobile Data Service which you have applied for pursuant to this Agreement or the Application, My HKT, The Club and any telecommunication service (whether a mobile radio telephone service or not) supplied to you from time to time and includes a VAS. My HKT means a customer account management service (such as xxxx viewing, checking service plan/ appointment details and online customer enquiries) provided and managed by HKT CSP Limited, a subsidiary of HKT Limited, under the terms and conditions of My HKT (which can be viewed at Network means our radio telecommunications network. Number means a telephone number allocated by us to you for use with a Mobile Service. Operator means a person holding a valid and operational unified carrier licence, mobile carrier licence, fixed carrier licence, fixed telecommunications network services licence, public radio communication service licence, services- based operator licence or mobile virtual network operator licence in Hong Kong other than us. PCCW means PCCW Limited and its subsidiaries (including but not limited to HKT Limited and its subsidiaries). Personal Data has the same meaning given to it in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486, the Laws of Hong Kong).
Mobile Service means a service consisting in the conveyance of signals, by means of a mobile Public Electronic Communications Network, through the agency of Wireless Telegraphy to or from Apparatus designed or adapted to be capable of being used while in motion;
Mobile Service means a radiocommunication service carried on between mobile stations or receivers and land stations and by mobile stations communicating among themselves, and includes—
Mobile Service has the meaning given in the Mobile Service Terms.
Mobile Service means the mobile telephone service provided to You by Us via the Network. Mobile Service Plan means, at any time in respect of a SIM, the mobile service plan then applicable to that SIM (as nominated by the relevant Account Holder in accordance with this Agreement).