HOUSE RULES Sample Clauses

HOUSE RULES. RESIDENT shall comply with all house rules as stated on separate addendum, but which are deemed part of this rental agreement, and a violation of any of the house rules is considered a breach of this agreement.
HOUSE RULES. (1) The lobbies, entrances and stairways of the Building shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than ingress to and egress from the Apartment in the Building.
HOUSE RULES. The Resident agrees to obey any House Rules, which are reasonably related to the safety, care and cleanliness of the building and the safety, comfort and convenience of the Residents. Such rules may be modified by the Landlord from time to time provided that the Resident receives written notice of the proposed change, reasons for the change and an opportunity to submit written comments during a 30 day comment period at least 30 days before the proposed effective date of the change in the Rule. Existing House Rules, if any, are posted in the property and are attached to this Lease.
HOUSE RULES. The Roommates agree to the following house rules: (check applicable and complete below) ☐ - Smoking/Alcohol/Drugs. . ☐ - Parking. . ☐ - Overnight Guests. . ☐ - Quiet Hours. . ☐ - Pets. . ☐ - Other. .
HOUSE RULES. The Principal Guest shall comply, and will cause all of its Invitees to comply, with all Resort rules and regulations. HKCA has adopted house rules which are listed at the following URL: xxxx:// . Failure to abide by these rules could lead to eviction. If penalties, fines, or other actions are taken for a violation of these rules, Principal Guest shall be responsible for the payment of any penalty or fine assessed on the Owner and no refunds shall be given for evictions, etc. This reservation is for quiet residential vacation accommodations only. Therefore, parties, receptions, luaus, events, and gatherings of any kind are strictly prohibited. These rules include quiet hours, pool hours, wet towel and wet bathing suit rules (neither may be hung outside on outdoor furniture) and similar regulations. All rules described in this Section are a part of this Agreement and incorporated by reference. The house rules may be updated from time to time. Guest is responsible for abiding by the house rules that are posted to the URL above at the time of their stay. We do not permit room towels or linens to be taken from the Condo. There are 6 beach towels in the Condo that we allow tenant to take to the beaches. If these towels are lost there is a replacement charge of $20 per towel.
HOUSE RULES. The Roommates agree to the following house rules: (check applicable and complete below) ☐ – Smoking/Alcohol/Drugs. [ENTER DETAILS] ☐ – Parking. [ENTER DETAILS] ☐ – Overnight Guests. [ENTER DETAILS] ☐ – Quiet Hours. [ENTER DETAILS] ☐ – Pets. [ENTER DETAILS] ☐ – Other. [ENTER DETAILS] XIII. FIRST (1ST) MONTH’S RENT. The Roommates payment of first (1st) month’s rent shall be upon the: (check one) ☐ – Execution of this Agreement. ☐ – First (1st) day of the Lease Term. XIV.
HOUSE RULES. The ownership and enjoyment of the Unit, Parking Facility, if any and the Common Areas by the Allottee shall be subject to the observance, fulfilment and performance of the terms and conditions of the Agreement as also the House Rules below (“House Rules”) which the Allottee shall be obliged and responsible to comply with strictly:-
HOUSE RULES. The House Rules, which are incorporated into these terms and conditions, are primarily in place and enforced to ensure that all clients have a professional environment to work in.
HOUSE RULES a. Il xxxxx healthcenters reserves the right to dissolve the Main Agreement at the discretion of the location manager in case of serious or repeated infringement of the house rules or other displays of unacceptable behaviour. The contribution for the remaining contract period after the dissolution will immediately be due and payable as compensation per the dissolution date. - We expect that everyone complies with the general values of decency to one another and to il xxxxx healthcenters team members. This means respecting each other and refraining from behaviours that can be interpreted as harassment. - Telephone calls can only be made in the lounge. Respect the quiet in this area. - Please wear proper sportswear. Apparel that is frayed, ripped, or has unpleasant odour is not allowed. Sleeveless T-shirts (singlets or halter shirts) should be sleek to the body and not offensive (to be assessed by the il xxxxx healthcenters team). - Only wear trainers that have not been used outside (non-marking soles). - Store your gym bag in a locker, and don’t take it to the workout area. Using a locker outside of a visit is not allowed. If a locker is found locked after closing time, it will be opened. - Park your car, bike, scooter, or moped in an orderly manner in the designated area. At il xxxxx healthcenters Maastricht Céramique (parking garage) and il xxxxx healthcenters Maastricht Mariaberg (parking lot), parking the car is allowed only with the il xxxxx Add-on for parking. - Please maintain good personal hygiene. - It is mandatory to use a towel to cover the upholstered components of (strength) equipment. - After using a machine, please clean it with the disinfectant and paper towel provided. When needed, please clean the floor surrounding the (cardio) equipment and spinning bikes.
HOUSE RULES. The Tenant acknowledges that he has read, understands and is bound by the House Rules and that the House Rules are an essential part of this Agreement. A breach of the House Rules constitutes a breach of this Agreement. The Landlord expressly reserves the right to amend any House Rule at any time and will publish such amended House Rules on its website.