ATTENDING PHYSICIAN. An Accredited Physician who is part of the medical staff of an Accredited Hospital or Accredited Medical Clinic, and legally responsible for the care given to a member while in the hospital or on out-patient basis.
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ATTENDING PHYSICIAN. The physician who has the primary responsibility for the medical diagnosis and treatment of the patient. A consultant or an assist- ant surgeon, for example, would not be an attending physician. Under very ex- traordinary circumstances, because of the presence of complex, serious, and multiple, but unrelated, medical condi- tions, a patient may have more than one attending physician concurrently rendering medical treatment during a single period of time. An attending physician also may be a teaching phy- sician. Augmentative communication device (ACD). A voice prosthesis as deter- mined by the Secretary of Defense to be necessary because of significant conditions resulting from trauma, con- genital anomalies, or disease. Also re- ferred to as Speech Generating Device. Authorized provider. A hospital or in- stitutional provider, physician, or other individual professional provider, or other provider of services or supplies specifically authorized to provide bene- fits under CHAMPUS in § 199.6 of this part.
ATTENDING PHYSICIAN. The physician whom the employee has been under the care of during the course of their particular ailment. Many times this is the physician that originally placed the employee on a restricted duty status or from whom the employee is receiving or has received care.
ATTENDING PHYSICIAN. The physician who has primary responsibility for the health care and treatment of an individual patient and/or youth.
ATTENDING PHYSICIAN. At the time of hospice election, the Resident Patient may choose to specify the Nursing Facility Attending Physician as the Hospice Attending Physician. If the Resident does not choose the Nursing Facility Attending Physician, the Resident may select another physician or nurse practitioner as the Hospice Attending Physician.
ATTENDING PHYSICIAN. Resident shall have an Attending Physician at all times and shall inform IKF of the identity of his or her Attending Physician. The Attending Physician for any person residing in the Health Center must be approved by the Medical Director, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld and which shall not constitute any endorsement or warranty as to such physician’s skills. If Resident does not have a personal physician who will act as Resident’s Attending Physician, Resident may choose one of the King Farm Physicians as his or her Attending Physician. IF RESIDENT HAS NOT DESIGNATED AN ATTENDING PHYSICIAN AND IS UNABLE TO SELECT AN ATTENDING PHYSICIAN, IKF IS HEREBY AUTHORIZED TO SELECT ONE OF THE KING FARM PHYSICIANS AS RESIDENT’S ATTENDING PHYSICIAN.
ATTENDING PHYSICIAN. The Resident agrees to accept the services of the attending physicians or nurse practitioners from the VMH for the duration of this short-term stay.
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  • Medical Director The Contractor shall employ the services of a Medical Director who is a licensed Indiana Health Care Provider (IHCP) provider board certified in family medicine or internal medicine. If the Medical Director is not board certified in family medicine, they shall be supported by a clinical team with experience in pediatrics, behavioral health, adult medicine and obstetrics/gynecology. The Medical Director shall be dedicated full-time to the Contractor’s Indiana Medicaid product lines. The Medical Director shall oversee the development and implementation of the Contractor’s disease management, case management and care management programs; oversee the development of the Contractor’s clinical practice guidelines; review any potential quality of care problems; oversee the Contractor’s clinical management program and programs that address special needs populations; oversee health screenings; serve as the Contractor’s medical professional interface with the Contractor’s primary medical providers (PMPs) and specialty providers; and direct the Quality Management and Utilization Management programs, including, but not limited to, monitoring, corrective actions and other quality management, utilization management or program integrity activities. The Medical Director, in close coordination with other key staff, is responsible for ensuring that the medical management and quality management components of the Contractor’s operations are in compliance with the terms of the Contract. The Medical Director shall work closely with the Pharmacy Director to ensure compliance with pharmacy-related responsibilities set forth in Section 3.4. The Medical Director shall attend all OMPP quality meetings, including the Quality Strategy Committee meetings. If the Medical Director is unable to attend an OMPP quality meeting, the Medical Director shall designate a representative to take his or her place. Notwithstanding the Medical Director ‘s sending of a representative, the Medical Director shall be responsible for knowing and taking appropriate action on all agenda and action items from all OMPP quality meetings.

  • School Psychologists At the time of employment and subject to (b) above, full credit for specialized work as a psychologist in a school program shall be given. Full credit for other clinic experience may be given, subject to approval by the Human Resources Division.

  • Training Committee The parties to this Agreement may form a Training Committee. The Training Committee will be constituted by equal numbers of Employer nominees and ETU employee representatives and have a charter which clearly states its role and responsibilities. It shall monitor the clauses of this Agreement which relate to training and ensure all employees have equal access to training.

  • Annual Physical The Executive may, if the Executive so elects, within the twelve (12) months following the Date of Termination, receive an annual physical at the Company’s expense consistent with the physical provided under, and subject to the requirements of, the Company’s annual physical program as in effect immediately prior to the Date of Termination.

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