Calculation Period Sample Clauses

Calculation Period. The “Calculation Period” shall be each calendar month or portion thereof that Delivered Energy was conveyed to Buyer and for which associated Green Attributes will be transferred to Buyer under this Confirmation as described in Section 3.2(b).
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Calculation Period. The first day of each Collection Period to but excluding the first day of the next Collection Period. The Collection Period has the meaning given in the Series Notice, except for the First Collection Period which commences on and includes the Effective Date.
Calculation Period. Calculation Period" means each period from, and including, one Period End Date to, but excluding, the next following Period End Date, except that (a) the initial Calculation Period will commence on, and include, the Effective Date and (b) the final Calculation Period will end on, but exclude, the Termination Date. 6 The Capital Amount is the notional amount in respect of which the profit rate is calculated, i.e. this identifies the size of the profit rate swap.
Calculation Period. The calculation period for a service contract is a full year, starting with the day when the contract is concluded. Service contracts that are concluded later for additional licenses are temporarily charged in proportional parts for the remaining period until the subsequent service fees of the first license are due. After that, they are billed in the annual rhythm together with the service contract for the first license.
Calculation Period. The period that:
Calculation Period. The “Calculation Period” shall be each calendar month, or portion thereof, during the Delivery Period.
Calculation Period. The period from and including the first Trading Day that occurs after the Initial Hedge Completion Date to but excluding the relevant Valuation Date.
Calculation Period. Interest in respect of a period of less than one year shall be calculated on the basis of the actual number of days elapsed and a 365 day year.
Calculation Period. Sick pay is calculated on the basis of the regular wage – monthly wage, hourly wage or variable wage – for the present wage period or for the preceding wage period. The calcu- lation period is determined from the effective date of this Agreement. A change of calcu- lation period may be made upon agreement following local negotiations with HRF.
Calculation Period. In relation to a Calculation Date during the Transitional Period, the Calculation Period is the period starting on the Effective Date of the Holding and ending on that Calculation Date. In relation to a Calculation Date during the Post-Transitional Period for the Holding, (i) the period of 60 months ending on the Calculation Date of the Holding or (ii) in relation to a Calculation Date arising on a withdrawal of a Holding, the period that starts on the day on which the next regularly occurring Calculation Period would have started (i.e. assuming no withdrawal) and ends on the date of the withdrawal, resulting in a Calculation Period of up to but not more than 60 months. Effective Date: The Effective Date is (i) in relation to the first Holding, October 1, 2015, and (ii) in relation to each other Holding, the date on which the relevant addition is made to the Managed Account. Excess Return: Excess Return is the arithmetic difference between the annualized performance of a Holding during the applicable Calculation Period, calculated geometrically, and the annualized performance of the MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap Index (net) during the same Calculation Period, calculated geometrically. Holding: The first tranche of Managed Account assets placed with the Manager by the Fund and each subsequent addition to the Managed Account assets shall be a separate Holding, unless the subsequent addition is less than 20% of the value of the Holding most recently established as measured on the date of the subsequent addition, in which case such additional assets will be added to the most recently established Holding. Each Holding will have its own Effective Date and separate Performance Fees will be calculated in respect of each Holding.