Debt Security Sample Clauses

Debt Security. Upon delivery of the debt security to the Borrower and the transfer of the shares herein is complete the Borrower shall have no further obligations in respect of the debt security;
Debt Security. 4 Declaration.........................................................
Debt Security and, for the purposes of this definition, any Debt Security authenticated and delivered under Section 2.08 in lieu of a lost, destroyed or stolen Debt Security shall be deemed to evidence the same debt as the lost, destroyed or stolen Debt Security.
Debt Security as used in paragraph
Debt Security. U.S. dollar checks shall be drawn on a bank in the United States. Checks in a Specified Payment Currency other than U.S. dollars shall be drawn on a bank office located outside the United States. Notwithstanding the provisions described in the preceding paragraph relating to payments by check, the Holder of an aggregate principal amount of at least $10,000,000 of an issue of Debt Securities of which definitive Debt Securities form a part (or, in the case of a definitive Debt Security denominated in a Specified Currency other than U.S. dollars, the Specified Currency equivalent of at least $10,000,000) may elect to receive payments thereon by wire transfer of immediately available funds in the Specified Payment Currency to an account in such Specified Payment Currency with a bank designated by such Holder that is acceptable to Freddie Mac; provided, that such bank has appropriate facilities therefor and accepts such transfer and such transfer is permitted by any applicable law or regulation and will not subject Freddie Mac to any liability, requirement or unacceptable charge. In order for such Holder to receive such payments, the relevant paying agent (including the Global Agent) must receive at its office from such Holder (i) in the case of payments on an Interest Payment Date, a written request therefor not later than the close of business (a) on the related Record Date in the case of a definitive Debt Security or (b) 15 days prior to such Interest Payment Date in the case of a Registered Debt Security issued in the global form; or (ii) in the case of payments on the Principal Payment Date, a written request therefor not later than the close of business on the date 15 days prior to such Principal Payment Date and the related definitive Debt Security not later than two Business Days prior to such Principal Payment Date. Such written request must be delivered to the relevant paying agent (including the Global Agent) by mail, by hand delivery or by tested or authenticated telex. Any such request shall remain in effect until the relevant paying agent receives written notice to the contrary. All payments on definitive Debt Securities shall be subject to any applicable law or regulation. If a payment outside the United States is illegal or effectively precluded by exchange controls or similar restrictions, payments in respect of the related definitive Debt Securities may be made at the office of any paying agent in the United States.
Debt Security. Investments in debt instruments and other fixed income securities are subject to default risk, liquidity risk and interest rate risk. Interest rate risk results from changes in demand and supply for money and other macroeconomic factors and creates price changes in the value of the debt instruments. Re-investment Risk: This risk refers to the interest rate levels at which cash flows received from the Securities under a particular portfolio are reinvested. The additional income from reinvestment is the “interest on interestcomponent. The risk is that the rate at which interim cash flows can be reinvested may be lower than that originally assumed.
Debt Security. The term "Debt Security" shall mean and refer to notes, bonds, debentures, guarantees and other types of securities which are direct or assumed obligations (whether secured or unsecured) that impose a general liability upon the maker for the payment thereof, including notes and other obligations of others discounted with banks or other financial institutions or endorsed or guaranteed.
Debt Security. This is distinguished by the existence of a contractual obligation on the issuer of the security either to deliver cash or another financial instrument to the holder or to exchange another financial instrument with the holder under conditions that are potentially unfavourable to the issuer. Thus, the term “debt security” includes, among other items : Ø Government debt (Treasury) securities, government agency securities, municipal securities; Ø Mortgage-backed securities where ALSTOM has a right over a borrower’s assets in the event of non-payment of a loan or monies due;