The Security Sample Clauses

The Security. The Obligations will be secured by the Security Documents. Certain of the Security Documents are amendments and restatements of Security Documents (as defined in the Existing Credit Agreement), and as such, are granted by the Company, or its Restricted Subsidiaries, as applicable, in assumption, renewal, extension, amendment and restatement of such prior liens and security interests securing the Existing Credit Agreement and are entitled to the priority and perfection relating back to the date originally granted and assigned to the greatest extent possible. Each of the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries hereby adopts, assumes, ratifies, and reaffirms such prior Liens and security interests and confirms that such Liens and security interests secure the Obligations as a continuation of the original “Obligations” described in the Existing Credit Agreement.
The Security. The Obligations will be secured by any and all Security Documents executed and delivered contemporaneously with the execution and delivery of this Agreement and any additional Security Documents hereafter delivered by any Obligated Person and accepted by BOK.
The Security. The undersigned Houston Geophysical Products, Inc. ("Guarantor") hereby assigns and grants to Bank of America Texas, N.A. ("Bank") a security interest in the following described property ("Collateral"):