No person Sample Clauses

No person. (1) other than Borrower has any possessory ownership or interest in the Mortgaged Property or right to occupy the same except under and pursuant to the provisions of existing Leases, the material terms of all such Leases having been previously disclosed to Lender;
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No person guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation (within the meaning of Section 11(f) of the Securities Act) shall be entitled to contribution pursuant to this Section 7.4 from any person who was not guilty of such fraudulent misrepresentation.
No person for the time being appointed as Chief Executive shall be appointed a Committee Member or his alternate and no person for the time being appointed a Committee Member or his alternate shall be appointed as Chief Executive.
No person. (a) who has any pecuniary interest in the matter referred to arbitration; or
No person. 10.1.1 having commenced, or threatened to commence, any proceedings or investigation for the purpose of prohibiting or otherwise challenging or interfering with the Transaction;
No person connected with the formal investigation of an allegation under the policy shall be appointed an arbitrator in any subsequent arbitration of the allegation. The arbitrator(s) shall hear all evidence de novo.
No person other than a Trustee, who is not a Shareholder of a particular Series or Class shall be entitled to bring any derivative action, suit or other proceeding on behalf of the Trust with respect to such Series or Class. No Shareholder of a Series or a Class may maintain a derivative action on behalf of the Trust with respect to such Series or Class unless holders of a least ten percent (10%) of the outstanding Shares of such Series or Class join in the bringing of such action.
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No person has the authority to verbally alter these specifications. Any changes to specifications will be made in writing by addendum and sent to each person having a bid package.
No person. (other than a person who holds an appropriate licence from ITF Licensing (UK) Ltd, t/a the International Tennis Federation (“ITFL”), may bring into the Event venue or
No person regularly employed by an employer other than the City, shall be given part-time or weekend employment at work customarily performed by City employees, unless an emergency exists or City employees are not available.
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