Execute and Deliver Sample Clauses

Execute and Deliver to Buyer a closing statement setting forth the Purchase Price, Deposit, adjustments, proration’s and closing costs as set forth herein;
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Execute and Deliver or cause to be executed and delivered to such persons as may be designated in such Instructions, proxies, consents, authorizations, and any other instruments whereby the authority of the Fund as owner of any Securities may be exercised;
Execute and Deliver. Parkedale and Novavax each agree to execute and deliver to the other all reasonable copyright, patent and other applications, assignments and instruments tendered by the other, and perform such acts, as may be reasonably necessary or advisable for obtaining such rights and/or of vesting and maintaining the title to the rights of the tendering Party set forth in this Article II. The provisions of this Article II, Paragraphs 2.03, 2.04, and 2.05, shall survive the termination or other expiration of this License and Supply Agreement.
Execute and Deliver. (a) the Warrant Amendment to Smithfield; and
Execute and Deliver to Buyer and the Title Company a FIRPTA affidavit in form and substance acceptable to Buyer and the Title Company;

Related to Execute and Deliver

  • Order and Delivery The Contract shall bind the Contractor to furnish and deliver the Goods or Services in accordance with Exhibit A and at the prices set forth in Exhibit B. Subject to the sections in this Contract concerning Force Majeure, Termination and Open Market Purchases, the Contract shall bind the Client Agency to order the Goods or Services from the Contractor, and to pay for the accepted Goods or Services in accordance with Exhibit B.

  • Execution and Delivery The Guaranteeing Subsidiary agrees that the Guarantee shall remain in full force and effect notwithstanding the absence of the endorsement of any notation of such Guarantee on the Notes.

  • Notice and Delivery Any notice mailed to you will be deemed delivered and received by you, five days after the postmark date. This fifth day following the postmark is the receipt date. Notices will be mailed to the last address we have in our records. You are responsible for ensuring that we have your proper mailing address. Upon your consent, we may provide you with notice in a delivery format other than by mail. Such formats may include various electronic deliveries. Any notice, including terminations, change in personal information, or contributions mailed to us will be deemed delivered when actually received by us based on our ordinary business practices. All notices must be in writing unless our policies and procedures provide for oral notices.

  • Counterparts and Delivery This Amendment may be executed in two or more counterparts, each of which shall be an original and all of which together shall constitute one instrument. A signed copy of this Amendment delivered by facsimile or by emailing a copy in .pdf form shall be treated as an original and shall bind all Parties just as would the exchange of originally signed copies.

  • Payment and Delivery Payment for the Option Shares shall be made on the Option Closing Date by wire transfer in Federal (same day) funds, payable to the order of the Company upon delivery to you of certificates (in form and substance satisfactory to the Underwriters) representing the Option Shares (or through the facilities of DTC) for the account of the Underwriters. The Option Shares shall be registered in such name or names and in such authorized denominations as the Representative may request in writing at least two (2) full Business Days prior to the Option Closing Date. The Company shall not be obligated to sell or deliver the Option Shares except upon tender of payment by the Representative for applicable Option Shares.

  • Closing and Delivery a) Upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth herein, the consummation of the purchase and sale of the Shares (the “Closing”) shall be held simultaneous with the execution of this Agreement, or at such other time mutually agreed upon between the constituent Parties (the “Closing Date”). The Closing shall take place at the offices of counsel for the Company set forth in Section 6 hereof, or by the exchange of documents and instruments by mail, courier, facsimile and wire transfer to the extent mutually acceptable to the Parties hereto.

  • Orders and Delivery 7.1 The Post Office will from time to time, please written orders by way of the Purchase Orders with the Service Provider in respect of Goods.

  • Telecopy Execution and Delivery A facsimile, telecopy or other reproduction of this Agreement may be executed by one or more parties hereto and delivered by such party by facsimile or any similar electronic transmission device pursuant to which the signature of or on behalf of such party can be seen. Such execution and delivery shall be considered valid, binding and effective for all purposes. At the request of any party hereto, all parties hereto agree to execute and deliver an original of this Agreement as well as any facsimile, telecopy or other reproduction hereof.

  • SIGNED AND DELIVERED By the PURCHASERS at Kolkata In the presence of:

  • Tasks and Deliverables A description of and the schedule for each task and deliverable, illustrated by a Xxxxx chart. Start and completion dates for each task, milestone, and deliverable shall be indicated. Must include deliverables specified in SOW-RFP as well as other deliverables that may be proposed by Contractor.

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