Form Satisfactory Sample Clauses

Form Satisfactory. All of the policies of insurance referred to in this Article 8 shall be written by a company licensed to do business in the State of New York and acceptable to Owner and in a form acceptable to Owner (which acceptance shall not be unreasonably conditioned, withheld, or delayed), with deductibles reasonably satisfactory to Owner.
Form Satisfactory. All of the policies of insurance referred to in this Section 8 shall be written in a form, with deductibles and by insurance companies reasonably satisfactory to the party to whom the benefit of the insurance runs in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Lessee shall deliver such policies or certificates thereof to Manager prior to their effective date (and, with respect to any renewal policy, thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the existing policy), and in the event of the failure of Lessee to effect such Island Hospitality Management II, Inc. Hotel Management Agreement (Hotel Name) Page 12 of 23 insurance as herein called for, or to deliver such policies or certificates thereof to Manager at the times required, Manager shall be entitled, but shall have no obligation, to effect such insurance, the premiums for which will be paid in accordance with Section 8.04. Each insurer mentioned in this Section 8 shall agree, by endorsement of the policy or policies issued by it, or by independent instrument, that it will give to Lessee and Manager thirty (30) days’ written notice before the policy or policies in question shall be materially altered, allowed to expire or canceled.

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Documents in Satisfactory Form The Collateral Trustee will be entitled to require that all agreements, certificates, opinions, instruments and other documents at any time submitted to it, including those expressly provided for in this Agreement, be delivered to it in a form and with substantive provisions reasonably satisfactory to it.
Satisfactory Minor exceptions to compliance with control procedures and accuracy of information in respect of Relevant Documents
Proceedings Satisfactory All proceedings taken in connection with this Amendment Agreement and all documents and papers relating thereto shall be satisfactory to the Noteholders signatory hereto and their special counsel, and such Noteholders and their special counsel shall have received copies of such documents and papers as they or their special counsel may reasonably request in connection herewith.
Satisfactory Due Diligence Each Lender shall have completed, to its satisfaction, a due diligence analysis with respect to the business, assets, operations, condition (financial and otherwise) and prospects of the Loan Parties, including with respect to their ability to comply with the representations and warranties and covenants contained in the Loan Documents.
Satisfactory Performance Subject to the provisions of the Payment Security Requirements Section above, the Payment Security will be returned within ninety (90) days following the expiration of the Term of this Agreement, subject to the satisfactory performance by Company of all terms, conditions, and covenants contained herein.
Unsatisfactory the Educator’s performance on a standard or overall has not significantly improved following a rating of needs improvement, or the Educator’s performance is consistently below the requirements of a standard or overall and is considered inadequate, or both.
Satisfactory Completion of Due Diligence The Parent shall have completed its legal, accounting and business due diligence of the Company and the results thereof shall be satisfactory to the Parent in its sole and absolute discretion.