Attempted transfer Sample Clauses

Attempted transfer. The shares are subject to forfeiture in the discretion of the administrative authority if Grantee attempts to sell, assign, transfer, pledge, or otherwise dispose of or encumber them during the applicable restricted periods.
Attempted transfer. In the event that a Shareholder shall attempt to transfer any of his Shares other than pursuant to a Permitted Transfer or other than in the manner expressly authorized in this Section 3;
Attempted transfer. Any attempted Transfer by the Seller of any of its rights or interest in the Company or this Agreement except as permitted by ARTICLE 10;
Attempted transfer. Any attempt to transfer any interest in the Company in violation of the provisions of this Agreement shall be null and void, ab initio. The Members will be excused from accepting the performance of, and rendering performance to, any person other than the Member hereunder (including any trustee or assignee of or for such Member) unless the provisions of this Article have been satisfied.

Related to Attempted transfer

  • Permitted Transfer Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in Section 11.01 above, Tenant shall have the right, without Landlord’s consent, but upon ten (10) days prior notice to Landlord, to (a) sublet all or part of the Leased Premises to any related corporation or other entity which controls Tenant, is controlled by Tenant or is under common control with Tenant; (b) assign all or any part of this Lease to any related corporation or other entity which controls Tenant, is controlled by Tenant, or is under common control with Tenant, or to a successor entity into which or with which Tenant is merged or consolidated or which acquires substantially all of Tenant’s assets or property; or (c) effectuate any public offering of Tenant’s stock; provided that in the event of a transfer pursuant to clause (b), the tangible net worth after any such transaction is not less than the tangible net worth of Tenant as of the date hereof and provided further that such successor entity assumes all of the obligations and liabilities of Tenant (any such entity is hereinafter referred to as a “Permitted Transferee”; and any transfer to a Permitted Transferee is hereinafter referred to as a “Permitted Transfer”). For the purpose of this Article 11 (i) “control” shall mean ownership of not less than fifty percent (50%) of all voting stock or legal and equitable interest in such corporation or entity, and (ii) “tangible net worth” shall mean the excess of the value of tangible assets (i.e., assets excluding those which are intangible such as goodwill, patents and trademarks) over liabilities. Any such transfer shall not relieve Tenant of its obligations under this Lease. Nothing in this paragraph is intended to nor shall permit Tenant to transfer its interest under this Lease as part of a fraud or subterfuge to intentionally avoid its obligations under this Lease (for example, transferring its interest to a shell corporation that subsequently files a bankruptcy), and any such transfer shall constitute a Default hereunder. A change in control of Tenant resulting from a merger, consolidation, or a transfer of partnership or membership interests, a stock transfer, or any sale of substantially all of the assets of Tenant shall be deemed a Permitted Transfer if the tangible net worth of Tenant after any such transaction is not less than the tangible net worth of Tenant as of the date hereof. Any change of control of Tenant that does not meet the requirements in the preceding sentence shall be deemed an assignment or transfer that requires Landlord’s prior written consent pursuant to Section 11.01 above. For purposes of clarification, nothing in this Article 11 restricts Tenant’s ability to conduct an IPO, nor shall Landlord have any consent rights with respect thereto.

  • Exempted Transfers Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything to the contrary herein, the provisions of Sections 2.1 and 2.2 shall not apply: (a) in the case of a Key Holder that is an entity, upon a transfer by such Key Holder to its stockholders, members, partners or other equity holders, (b) to a repurchase of Transfer Stock from a Key Holder by the Company at a price no greater than that originally paid by such Key Holder for such Transfer Stock and pursuant to an agreement containing vesting and/or repurchase provisions approved by a majority of the Board, or (c) in the case of a Key Holder that is a natural person, upon a transfer of Transfer Stock by such Key Holder made for bona fide estate planning purposes, either during his or her lifetime or on death by will or intestacy to his or her spouse, child (natural or adopted), or any other direct lineal descendant of such Key Holder (or his or her spouse) (all of the foregoing collectively referred to as “family members”), or to any other person approved by the Board, or to any custodian or trustee of any trust, partnership or limited liability company that is solely for the benefit of, or the ownership interests of which are owned solely by, such Key Holder or by any such family members; provided that in the case of clause(s) (a) or (c), the Key Holder shall deliver prior written notice to the Company and the Investors of such pledge, gift or transfer and such shares of Transfer Stock shall at all times remain subject to the terms and restrictions set forth in this Agreement and such transferee shall, as a condition to such issuance, deliver a counterpart signature page to this Agreement as confirmation that such transferee shall be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement as a Key Holder (but only with respect to the securities so transferred to the transferee), including the obligations of a Key Holder with respect to Proposed Key Holder Transfers of such Transfer Stock pursuant to Section 2.

  • Notice of Restricted Transfer Any Person who acquires or attempts or intends to acquire Beneficial Ownership or Constructive Ownership of Shares that will or may violate Section 13.2(a) or any Person who would have owned Shares that resulted in a transfer to the Trust pursuant to the provisions of Section 13.2(b) shall immediately give written notice to the Company of such event or, in the case of such a proposed or attempted transaction, give at least 15 days prior written notice, and shall provide to the Company such other information as the Company may request in order to determine the effect, if any, of such Transfer or Non-Transfer Event on the Company’s qualification as a REIT.

  • Valid Transfer This Assignment constitutes a valid sale, transfer and assignment to the Buyer of all right, title and interest of the Seller in the Receivables and the Collateral Security and the proceeds thereof and upon the filing of the financing statements described in Section 3 of this Assignment with the Secretary of State of the State of Minnesota and other applicable states and counties and, in the case of the Receivables and the Collateral Security hereafter created and the proceeds thereof, upon the creation thereof, the Buyer shall have a first priority perfected ownership interest in such property, except for Liens permitted under Section 2.6(a) of the Receivables Purchase Agreement;

  • Restricted Transfers 12.1 Subject to section 12.3, each Company Group Member (as "data exporter") and each Contracted Processor, as appropriate, (as "data importer") hereby enter into the Standard Contractual Clauses in respect of any Restricted Transfer from that Company Group Member to that Contracted Processor.

  • Permitted Transfers Within Escrow 5.1 Transfer to Directors and Senior Officers

  • Permitted Transferee The term "Permitted Transferee" means any transferee of Units pursuant to clauses (e) or (f) of the definition of "Exempt Transfer" as defined in the Securityholders Agreement.

  • Permitted Transfers If Tenant desires to assign, sublease, hypothecate or otherwise transfer this Lease or sublet the Premises, then at least 15 business days, but not more than 45 business days, before the date Tenant desires the assignment or sublease to be effective (the “Assignment Date”), Tenant shall give Landlord a notice (the “Assignment Notice”) containing such information about the proposed assignee or sublessee, including the proposed use of the Premises and any Hazardous Materials proposed to be used, stored handled, treated, generated in or released or disposed of from the Premises, the Assignment Date, any relationship between Tenant and the proposed assignee or sublessee, and all material terms and conditions of the proposed assignment or sublease, including a copy of any proposed assignment or sublease in its final form, and such other information as Landlord may deem reasonably necessary or appropriate to its consideration whether to grant its consent. Landlord may, by giving written notice to Tenant within 15 business days after receipt of the Assignment Notice: (i) grant such consent, (ii) refuse such consent, in its sole and absolute discretion, if the proposed assignment, hypothecation or other transfer or subletting concerns more than (together with all other then effective subleases) 50% of the Premises, (iii) refuse such consent, in its reasonable discretion, if the proposed subletting concerns (together with all other then effective subleases) 50% or less of the Premises (provided that Landlord shall further have the right to review and approve or disapprove the proposed form of sublease prior to the effective date of any such subletting), or (iv) terminate this Lease with respect to the space described in the Assignment Notice as of the Assignment Date (an “Assignment Termination”). If Landlord delivers notice of its election to exercise an Assignment Termination, Tenant shall have the right to withdraw such Assignment Notice by written notice to Landlord of such election within 5 business days after Landlord’s notice electing to exercise the Assignment Termination. If Tenant withdraws such Assignment Notice, this Lease shall continue in full force and effect. If Tenant does not withdraw such Assignment Notice, this Lease, and the term and estate herein granted, shall terminate as of the Assignment Date with respect to the space described in such Assignment Notice. No failure of Landlord to exercise any such option to terminate this Lease, or to deliver a timely notice in response to the Assignment Notice, shall be deemed to be Landlord’s consent to the proposed assignment, sublease or other transfer. Tenant shall pay to Landlord a fee equal to One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1,500) in connection with its consideration of any Assignment Notice and/or its preparation or review of any consent documents.

  • Contact in Event of Unauthorized Transfer If you believe your card has been lost or stolen or that someone has transferred or may transfer money from your account without your permission, you will call (000)000-0000 or write FARMERS & MERCHANTS BANK, Miamisburg Office, 00 X Xxxxx Xx, Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000. You should also call the number or write to the address listed above if you believe a transfer has been made using the information from your check without your permission.

  • Free Transfer Each Contracting Party in whose territory of investors of the other Contracting Party has made investments, to grant those investors the free transfer of payments related to these investments, including: