The Debt Sample Clauses

The Debt. As of the date hereof, the aggregate amount of the outstanding principal amount, accrued but unpaid interest, and all other amounts due and payable under the Note is: $75,000 (collectively the “Debt”). Aside from the Debt, the Company is not otherwise indebted to you.
The Debt. At the Closing (as defined herein), the Company shall have a debt obligation towards the Creditor in the aggregate amount of $675,000 (the "Scan Payment") which shall be paid to the Creditor in quarterly installments over a period of ten years commencing January 1, 2011 (the "Scan Installments"). The obligations of the Creditor pursuant to this Agreement are subject to the receipt by the Creditor of: (i) true and correct copies of resolutions of the Company's Board of Directors authorizing the Company to enter into this Agreement, and authorizing an officer of the Company to enter into such documents and their respective exhibits, annexes and schedules, in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A; (ii) an executed Share Purchase Agreement relating to the sale of Scan and IRT Scan to third party purchasers, including the exhibits thereto, attached hereto as Exhibit B; and (iii) copies of the consents of the Banks to the terms of this Agreement. The closing of the transaction contemplated herein and the execution and delivery to the Creditor of the above documentation (the "Closing") shall take place at the offices of Matry, Meiri & Co. Law Offices or at such other place, date and time as the Company and the Creditor may agree For the purposes of this Agreement including all of its schedules, exhibits and annexes, the “Effective Date” shall be deemed the Closing.
The Debt. 1. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that it owed the sum of $1,722.646.48, as of July 15, 1997, made up as follows;
The Debt. Service Reserve may be applied against the Borrower’s payment obligations under this Agreement pursuant to Clause 7.6.1 (a) (ii).
The Debt. For the purposes of Section 1,424 of the Brazilian Civil Code, this Agreement shall cover, fully and without restrictions, any and all debts and monetary liabilities of Lakeland to the Bank in relation to the Credit Agreement and irrespective of whether of such debts or liabilities: (i) are present or future; (ii) are actual, prospective, contingent or otherwise; (iii) are owed or incurred as principal, interest, fees, charges, taxes, duties or other imposts, damages (whether for breach of contract or tort or incurred on any other ground), losses, costs or expenses (including judicial costs and attorney’s fees) or on any account; (v) are owed at stated maturity, upon prepayment, following acceleration or otherwise; or (vi) comprise any combination of the above (the “Secured Obligations”). The total estimated principal amount of the Secured Obligations, the final maturity date and the interest rates provided in the Credit Agreement for such Secured Obligations are, on this date, those set forth in Annex I hereof.
The Debt. Service Reserve Letter of Credit Loans made by each Lender shall be evidenced by this Agreement and, if requested by such Lender, by a promissory note of the Borrower, substantially in the form of Exhibit C, with appropriate insertions as to payee, date and principal amount(individually, a "Debt Service Reserve Letter of Credit Note"; collectively, the "Debt Service Reserve Letter of Credit Notes"), payable to the order of such Lender. Each Debt Service Reserve Letter of Credit Note shall: (i) be dated the date of the applicable drawing under the Debt Service Reserve Letter of Credit and (ii) be in the principal amount of such Lender's Commitment Percentage of the amount of such drawing. The Borrower shall duly execute and deliver a Debt Service Reserve Letter of Credit Note payable to the order of any requesting Lender immediately following a drawing under the Debt Service Reserve Letter of Credit. Each Bank is hereby authorized to record the date, Type and amount of the Debt Service Reserve Letter of Credit Loan made by such Bank, each continuation thereof, each conversion of all or a portion thereof to another Type, the date and amount of each payment or prepayment of principal thereof and, in the case of Eurodollar Loans, the length of each Interest Period with respect thereto, on the schedules annexed to and constituting part of any of its Debt Service Reserve Letter of Credit Notes or on other appropriate records of such Bank, and any such recordation shall constitute prima facie evidence of the accuracy of the information so recorded in the absence of manifest error; provided that the failure by any Bank to make any such recordation or any error therein shall not limit or otherwise affect the obligations of the Borrower hereunder or under the Debt Service Reserve Letter of Credit Notes in respect of the Debt Service Reserve Letter of Credit Loans.