A Loan definition

A Loan means any of the following, except as provided in paragraph “b”:(1) The creation of debt by the lender’s payment of or agreement to pay money to the debtor or to a third person for the account of the debtor.(2) The creation of debt by a credit to an account with the lender upon which the debtor is entitled to draw immediately.(3) The creation of debt pursuant to a lender credit card in any manner, including a cash advance or the card issuer’s honoring a draft or similar order for the payment of money drawn or accepted by the debtor, paying or agreeing to pay the debtor’s obligation, or purchasing or otherwise acquiring the debtor’s obligation from the obligee or the obligee’s assignees.(4) The creation of debt by a cash advance to a debtor pursuant to a seller credit card.(5) The forbearance of debt arising from a loan.b. “Loan” does not include:(1) A card issuer’s payment or agreement to pay money to a third person for the account of a debtor if the debt of the debtor arises from a sale or lease and results from use of a seller credit card.(2) The forbearance of debt arising from a sale or lease.
A Loan means the A Percentage of Fundings made pursuant to the Loan Agreement and the Master Agreement.
A Loan the loan specified in Section 3.01(a) (The Loan) or, as the context requires, its principal amount from time to time outstanding;

Examples of A Loan in a sentence

  • PROJECT FUNDING Amount % Fund A Loan $ 2,862,000 100% Total $ 2,862,000 100%IV.

  • To obtain a Term Loan Advance, Parent, on behalf of Borrower, shall complete, sign and deliver to the Agent an Advance Request (at least five (5) Business Days (or such shorter period agreed to by the relevant Lenders in their sole discretion) before the Advance Date, other than the Term A Loan Advance pursuant to Section 2.1(a)(i)(A), which shall be at least one (1) Business Day) to the Agent.

  • A Loan Denial Letter (as that term is defined below) must be for the Loan(s) described above.

  • A Loan may only be prepaid after six months from the first Utilisation Date.

  • Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the Borrowers shall not be entitled to request, or to elect to convert or continue, any Borrowing as a Term SOFR Loan or a Eurocurrency Loan if the Interest Period requested with respect thereto would end after the Revolving Maturity Date in the case of a Revolving Loan, the Term A Loan Maturity Date, in the case of a Term A Loan, or the Term B Loan Maturity Date, in the case of a Term B Loan, as applicable.

More Definitions of A Loan

A Loan or "any Loan"). Such Loans shall be confirmed through the book-entry settlement system of the Clearing Organization. The records maintained by the Clearing Organization shall constitute conclusive evidence with respect to such Loans, including the number of shares of Common Stock that are the subject of such Loans.
A Loan means the maximum principal amount of the loan provided for in Section 3.01(1) or, as the context may require, the principal amount thereof from time to time outstanding.
A Loan means, as to each A Lender, the outstanding principal amount of such A Lender’s loan under the Participation Agreement in the principal amount as of the Restructuring Date set forth under the heading “A Loans” opposite such A Lender’s name on Schedule 3 to the Participation Agreement, each of which is evidenced by an A Note. The aggregate principal amount of the A Loans on the Restructuring Date is $21,873,510.95.
A Loan means a loan made or to be made under the A Facility or the principal amount outstanding under the A Facility from time to time.
A Loan means Council A Loan or PSP A Loan as applicable
A Loan. B Loan", "Company", "Project Funds Agreement", "IFC", "IFC Investment Agreement", "Loan", "Participant" and "Sponsors" have the respective meanings already given to them; and
A Loan. An SBA Loan originated pursuant to Section 7(a) of the SBA Rules and Regulations. For purposes of this Agreement, references to SBA ss. 7(a) Loans are equivalent to references to SBA Loans.