Compensation Policy Sample Clauses

Compensation Policy. This Agreement shall be subject to the Compensation Policy and nothing herein shall derogate in any way from the Company’s rights thereunder.
Compensation Policy. The Purchaser commits that following Closing and during the Earn-out Period the employee compensation of the Company will be at least as described and attached as Appendix D to this Agreement (the “Compensation Table”), and as detailed in the Budget. It shall include gross monthly salaries, participation in the Company’s stock option plan, and annual bonuses for executives (as set out in the Compensation Table) based on Milestone achievement during each calendar year.
Compensation Policy. – shall mean the Executive Compensation Philosophy approved by the Board of Directors of TSM on February 20, 2007, as may be amended from time to time.
Compensation Policy. In the event that the service to a subscriber is down for a continuous period of 72 hours or more, consideration will be given to making a pro-rata repayment of subscription for that period in excess of 72 hours.
Compensation Policy. On or before the Closing, Company shall have delivered to Purchaser the Compensation Policy Statement agreed to by Shareholder and Company and a true and correct executed copy of the Employment and Noncompetition Agreement.
Compensation Policy. The Bank has adopted a "Compensation Policy" which is attached hereto as Exhibit C and is incorporated herein by this reference. Executive hereby acknowledges receipt of said policy. It is agreed that in the event the terms of this Agreement conflict with said Compensation Policy, the terms of the Compensation Policy will apply.
Compensation Policy. This Agreement shall be subject to the Company’s compensation policy applicable to executive officers (“the Compensation Policy”) and nothing herein shall derogate in any way from the Company’s rights thereunder. [Signature page to follow] IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement in one or more counterparts as of the Effective Date. TEVA PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES LTD/s/ Mark SabagBy: Mark SabagTitle: EVP HR/s/ Shlomit Ronn-AglerBy: Shlomit Ronn-AglerTitle: Senior Director, Executive CompensationEMPLOYEE/s/ Dr. Michael HaydenName: Dr. Michael HaydenAnnex A Form of Release Agreement This Release Agreement (this “Release Agreement”) is dated as of [_____________] and is entered into by TEVA PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES LTD. (the “Company”) and [_______________] in connection with the termination of your employment with the Company.