Health and Safety Committee Sample Clauses

Health and Safety Committee. Where required a committee will be formed and will meet where required by the Employer’s safety policies and by statute.
Health and Safety Committee a) When necessary, a committee will be established to address matters concerning safe work conditions and practices and to maintain a co-operative effort for the safety of the workforce. Meeting notes will record the business of each meeting, and copies will be distributed as the Committee determines.
Health and Safety Committee. 15.01 (a) The Employer agrees to make practicable provisions for the safety and health of its employees on its job sites and shop during the hours of their employment;
Health and Safety Committee. The Union and Employer recognize that the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario and its regulations is binding upon both Parties and agree to recognize the requirements thereof. Accordingly, the Employer and the Union agree to a joint Health and Safety Committee in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario and its regulations with two (2) representatives from Management and two
Health and Safety Committee. The Hospital and the Union agree that they mutually desire to maintain standards of safety and health in the Hospital order to prevent accidents, injury, illness. Recognizing its under the applicable legislation, the Hospital agrees to accept as a member of its Health Safety Committee at least one selected or appointed by the Union from amongst bargaining unit employees. Such Committee shall identify potential dangers and hazards, institute means of improving health and 'safety and recommend actions to be taken to improve conditions related to safety and health. The Hospital agrees to cooperate reasonably in providing necessary information to enable the Committee to fulfill its functions. Meetings shall be held every second month or more frequently at the call the chair if required. The shall maintain of all meetings and make the same available for review. Any representative appointed or selected in accordance with shall serve for a of one (1) calendar year from the date of appointment which may be renewed for further periods of one (1) year. Time off for such to attend meetings of the Occupational Health Safety Committee in accordance with the foregoing shall be granted and time so spent attending such shall be deemed to be work time for which the shall be paid by the Hospital at his regular or premium rate as may be applicable. The Union agrees to endeavour cooperation of its membership safety rules and practices. to obtain the full in the of all Pregnant employees may request to be transferred from their current duties if, in the professional opinion of the employee's physician, the pregnancy may be at risk. If such a transfer is not feasible, the pregnant employee, she so requests, will be granted an unpaid leave of absence before commencement of the maternity leave referred to Article Where the Hospital identifies high risk areas where employees are exposed to Hepatitis the Hospital will provide, at no cost to the employees, a Hepatitis B vaccine. Protective Footwear Effective date of ratification (Nov. and on that date for each subsequent calendar year, the Hospital will provide per calendar year to each full-time employee who required by the Hospital, as delineated below, footwear during the course of his duties. to wear The Hospital will require employees performing the following functions to wear appropriate safety footwear. Materiel Management (Receiving Clerk) ARTICLE Job Classification When a new classification (which is covered by the terms of...
Health and Safety Committee. The City-wide Safety Manager shall meet with the CWA President or designee to discuss safety issues related to the bargaining unit as needed. The City-wide Safety Manager and President or designee can invite additional representatives to the meeting as mutually agreed.
Health and Safety Committee. 24.01 The Employer and the Union agree that they mutually desire to maintain standards of safety and health in the Home in order to prevent accidents, injury or illness and as such will comply with the Health and Safety Act (Ontario) as amended from time to time. A joint management and employee health and safety committee shall be constituted with representation of at least half by employees from the bargaining unit, who shall identify potential dangers, recommend means of improving the health and safety programs and obtaining the identification of hazards and standards. The committee shall normally meet every three (3) months. Scheduled time spent in such meetings is to be considered as time worked. Minutes shall be taken of all meetings and copies shall be distributed to the Employer and the Union.