Travel Expenses Sample Clauses

Travel Expenses. CONTRACTOR shall not be allowed or paid travel expenses unless set forth in this Agreement.
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Travel Expenses. All travel, lodging and per diem expenses in connection with the Contract shall be paid by the Contractor, unless otherwise stated in the contract terms. During the term of this contract, the contractor shall bill and the City shall reimburse contractor for all reasonable and approved out of pocket expenses which are incurred in the connection with the performance of duties hereunder. Notwithstanding the foregoing, expenses for the time spent by the contractor in traveling to and from City facilities shall not be reimbursed, unless otherwise negotiated.
Travel Expenses. Reimbursement for travel and subsistence expenses actually and necessarily incurred by the Grantee as a result of this grant agreement will not exceed $0.00; provided that the Grantee will be reimbursed for travel and subsistence expenses in the same manner and in no greater amount than provided in the current "Commissioner’s Plan” promulgated by the Commissioner of Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB). The Grantee will not be reimbursed for travel and subsistence expenses incurred outside Minnesota unless it has received the State’s prior written approval for out of state travel. Minnesota will be considered the home state for determining whether travel is out of state.
Travel Expenses. (a) The GLO will not reimburse Developer for travel expenses of any kind without prior written GLO approval. The GLO will only reimburse travel expenses directly attributable to Developer’s performance of this Contract at the rates established or adopted by the Comptroller of the State of Texas, as outlined in the Travel Regulations.
Travel Expenses. Inclusive of the compensation for services as specified in Paragraph 3 (Compensation) above, the Government agrees to pay documented transportation, subsistence, lodging and other travel expenses, while in travel status, for trips which have been authorized in writing, in advance, by the Government. These costs shall be advanced or reimbursed on the same basis as is applicable to non-contract employees of the Government, or as agreed to by an addendum to this Contract, however, said costs and expenses shall not exceed N/A ($ N/A).
Travel Expenses. All travel and other expenses incident to the rendering of services reasonably incurred on behalf of the Company by the Employee during the term of this Agreement shall be paid by the Employer. If any such expenses are paid in the first instance by the Employee, the Employer shall reimburse him therefor on presentation of appropriate receipts for any such expenses.
Travel Expenses. The Subgrantee must pay any travel expenses, from grant or local matching funds, in accordance to the provisions of Section 112.061, Florida Statutes.
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Travel Expenses. All travel, lodging, and per diem expenses in connection with the Contract for which reimbursement may be claimed by the Contractor under the terms of the Contract will be reviewed against the City’s Travel Policy and the current United States General Services Administration Domestic Per Diem Rates (the “Rates”) as published and maintained on the Internet at: xxxx:// No amounts in excess of the Travel Policy or Rates shall be paid. All invoices must be accompanied by copies of itemized receipts (e.g. hotel bills, airline tickets). No reimbursement will be made for expenses not actually incurred. Airline fares in excess of coach or economy will not be reimbursed. Mileage charges may not exceed the amount permitted as a deduction in any year under the Internal Revenue Code or Regulation.
Travel Expenses. With the prior approval of the Agency Head, travel expenses of employees incurred in the performance of a public purpose authorized by law will be paid in accordance with section 112.061, Florida Statutes. The state will make a good faith effort to pay travel vouchers within 30 days after they have been properly completed and submitted. Vouchers are considered submitted when the employee submits them to the local official designated by management to receive such vouchers.
Travel Expenses. 2.1.1 The following travel expenses are refundable:
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