Appointing Authority Sample Clauses

Appointing Authority. Serving as the appointing authority for all professional personnel of the Institution, subject only to the Nevada System of Higher Education Code, and to execute personnel contracts;
Appointing Authority. The Board of Supervisors, a County officer, the Director of Human Resources, a department head, or any person or group of persons having the power pursuant to law to make an appointment to any position in a specified department for the County or any person designated by an Appointing Authority to act on his/her behalf.
Appointing Authority. The Appointing Authority shall be the Department Head, the Acting Department Head, or the person whose duties most closely correspond to those traditionally assigned to a Department Head.
Appointing Authority. As used in this agreement, the appointing authority shall be the County Board of Commissioners, the Sheriff of Pershing County and/or his/her designee.
Appointing Authority. The Board of Trustees of the College or its lawfully delegated designee(s).
Appointing Authority. 62a. a. The grievant and/or the Union shall submit in writing to the Appointing Officer, or designee, a grievance appealing the disciplinary action within fifteen (15) days of the mailing date of the written notice imposing discipline. The grievance shall set forth the basis of the appeal. The Appointing Officer, or designee, shall respond within fifteen (15) days following the receipt of the appeal.
Appointing Authority wherever the expression is used shall mean the Managing Director of the Company.
Appointing Authority. Members who have been appointed to the School Committee by their respective Town Moderators prior to the July 1 date on which this amended language becomes effective shall serve out the remaining one, two or three years of their term. Beginning on the July 1 when this amended language becomes effective, each member shall thereafter be appointed by vote of the Board of Selectmen of that town (or by the Mayor in the case of a city), except that in the case of a town, the town may by bylaw or charter provide for appointment of that community’s member by the Moderator. The language of the preceding sentence will also apply to any community newly admitted to the District whose membership in the District commences on or after the July 1 effective date of this amended language.
Appointing Authority. If the grievance is not resolved at Step 1, the Union may request a Step 2 meeting by filing it with the Appointing Authority or designee, with a copy to the WSF Labor Relations Office, within fifteen (15) days of the Union’s receipt of the Step 1 decision. The Appointing Authority or designee will meet or confer by telephone with a union steward and/or staff representative and the grievant within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the appeal, and will respond in writing to the Union within fifteen (15) days after the meeting.