The Fixed Sample Clauses

The Fixed. Conversion Price and number and kind of shares or other securities to be issued upon conversion shall be subject to adjustment from time to time upon the happening of certain events while this conversion right remains outstanding, as follows:

Related to The Fixed

  • The FTPS Unit Servicing Agent shall distribute to redeeming FTPS Unit holders of record on its books redemption proceeds it receives pursuant to Section 5.02 of the Standard Terms and Conditions of Trust from the Trustee as the sole record owner of FTPS Units on the Trustee's books.

  • The Front end Fee payable by the Borrower shall be equal to one quarter of one percent (0.25%) of the Loan amount.

  • THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS listed in Schedule 1 (Original Parties) as original lenders (the Original Lenders);

  • Passing of Risk Save as provided in paragraph 7.6, the time at which the risk shall pass shall be fixed in accordance with the International Rules for the Interpretation of Trade Terms (Incoterms) of the International Chamber of Commerce in force at the date of the formation of the contract.

  • Routine Dealings The Custodian will, in general, attend to all routine and mechanical matters in accordance with industry standards in connection with the sale, exchange, substitution, purchase, transfer, or other dealings with Securities or other property of each Fund except as may be otherwise provided in this Agreement or directed from time to time by Instructions from any particular Fund. The Custodian may also make payments to itself or others from the Assets for disbursements and out-of-pocket expenses incidental to handling Securities or other similar items relating to its duties under this Agreement, provided that all such payments shall be accounted for to the appropriate Fund.

  • Exclusive Dealings From the date hereof until the earlier of the Closing Date or the termination of this Agreement in accordance with its terms, Seller shall not, and shall cause the other Selling Entities and the Transferred Entities not to, take or permit any of their respective Affiliates, officers, directors, employees, representatives, equityholders, consultants, financial advisors, attorneys, accountants or other agents to take, directly or indirectly, any action to solicit, encourage, initiate or engage in discussions or negotiations with, or provide any information to or enter into any agreement with any Person (other than any Buyer and its Affiliates) concerning any purchase of any Shares of, or any merger, sale of substantial assets, recapitalization, other business combination or similar transaction involving, any of the Transferred Entities. Seller shall promptly inform Buyers of any contact with any Person (other than any Buyer and its Affiliates) relating to the foregoing, and promptly communicate to Buyers the terms of any proposal or inquiry which Seller or any of the Transferred Entities may receive from a Person after the date hereof in respect of any such proposal or inquiry.

  • Subject Matter The subject matter of this contract is services generally on the subject of HVAC and plumbing services. Detailed services to be provided by Contractor are described in Attachment A.

  • Trustee Dealings with Company The Trustee, in its individual or any other capacity, may make loans to, accept deposits from, and perform services for the Company or its Affiliates, and may otherwise deal with the Company or its Affiliates, as if it were not the Trustee.

  • Incidental and Consequential Damages Contractor shall be responsible for incidental and consequential damages resulting in whole or in part from Contractor’s acts or omissions. Nothing in this Agreement shall constitute a waiver or limitation of any rights that City may have under applicable law.

  • FREEDOM TO DEAL WITH THIRD PARTIES The Underwriter shall be free to render to others services of a nature either similar to or different from those rendered under this contract, except such as may impair its performance of the services and duties to be rendered by it hereunder.