The Provision of Services Sample Clauses

The Provision of Services. 1.3.1 In order to better perform this Agreement, at any time as required based on the status of operations during the effective term of this Agreement, the Parties agree to enter into, directly or through its connected party, licensing agreements, pursuant to which Party A grants licenses of its intellectual properties to Party B, including, but not limited to, software, trademark, patents, technical secrets and confidential information.
The Provision of Services. 2.1 We will upon receipt of the Storage Charge and such other periodic charges as may accrue from time to time, provide the Services to you for the duration of the Period of Storage or until the Agreement is terminated in accordance with clause 12.1 of these Conditions.
The Provision of Services. Associated Telecom Limited shall use its reasonable endeavours to provide the services on the dates agreed by the parties. Services will be billed from the date they are provided and the minimum term of all services will be the full minimum term from the date the last service has been activated. Associated Telecom Limited shall use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the services are provided with reasonable skill and care. The timesclae for delivery of servies is often dictated by the networks and suppliers who manage the infrastructure. Associated Telecom Limited will make every effort to make the services available to you, but owing to the nature of telecommunications networks, it is impossible to provide a fault free service and the quality of the services depends on the network provided by the network service provider to which you are connected. It is your responsibility to make sure your equipment is in working order so as to enable the provision of the services which you agree will be at your cost. At your request we will re-programme or programme any telecommunication equipment in your possession to make the service effective at an agreed cost; however we will not be liable for any loss or damage as a result of any problems arising from the programming of your equipment. Some services will not be available to you if you fall outside the reach of, or are not connected to, the UK telecommunications network, or the network telecommunication services operational at your location do not meet the minimum performance requirements to support the other services we provide to you. In this instance we will perform tests to check whether our services are available to you and will notify you prior to commencement of delivery. Subject to the survey results if we can proceed with the service we may need to re-issue a revised order. If we cannot proceed we will usually determine this as soon as possible folowing the completion of a site survey. If we transfer your service from or to another provider, you may experience a temporary loss of service during the period the transfer or migration of service is being processed. Associated Telecom Limited will, at your request, attempt to port any known eixsting telephone number from your previous provider, however the transfer of ownership will require the submission of a letter of authority and port order request form to be completed. Associated Telecom Limited is excluded of all liability for any delays caused by s...
The Provision of Services. 2.1 Supply of Executives to Serve as Officers of the Fund It is acknowledged and agreed that, subject to the direction and overriding authority of the Trustees over the management and affairs generally of the Fund, the Partnership will make executive personnel of the Partnership available to the Fund to serve as officers of the Fund (other than the office of Chief Executive Officer) as may reasonably be required by the Fund to operate effectively as an entity that is a fully compliant public reporting issuer listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, or such other stock exchanges on which Units may be listed. The Partnership will provide its executive personnel to serve as the President, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice-President, Treasurer, Controller and Secretary of the Fund and such other positions as may be agreed. Such Persons, in their capacity as officers of the Fund, shall report to the Trustees through the Chief Executive Officer. The Parties expect that such Persons will fulfil their roles as both employees of the Partnership and as officers of the Fund, and the Partnership agrees to permit such Persons to allocate sufficient time to fulfil their offices with the Fund provided that it does not interfere with their primary role with the Partnership. The provision of each such Person to act as an officer of the Fund shall be subject to the approval of a majority of the Trustees who are Independent Trustees as defined in the Declaration of Trust. The Parties agree that this is a non-exclusive arrangement and nothing in this Agreement (i) precludes the Trustees from hiring other Persons as officers or otherwise, as they deem advisable in their sole discretion, or (ii) requires the Partnership to hire or retain the services of any particular individual. In the event that the employment of any employee of the Partnership provided to serve as an officer of the Fund is terminated by the Partnership, the Partnership shall notify the Fund of such termination on the date of termination or as far in advance of termination as is reasonably practicable in the circumstances, and of the proposed replacement officer, and cooperate with the Fund to secure such employee’s resignation or termination as an officer of the Fund. If such termination is for cause, in which case the Partnership shall provide notice as soon as is reasonably practicable.
The Provision of Services. 3.1. TPG Network agrees to provide the IP PBX and handsets described in Schedule One to the Customer under the terms and conditions of this Agreement to the location specified in the order.
The Provision of Services 

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  • Provision of Services (a) The HSP will provide the Services in accordance with, and otherwise comply with:

  • Provision of Service NYISO will provide Developer with interconnection service of the following type for the term of this Agreement.

  • Transition of Services ‌ Prior to or upon expiration or termination of this Contract and at the request of VITA or any Authorized User, Supplier shall provide all assistance as VITA or such Authorized User may reasonably require to transition the Supplier’s contractual obligations, or any portion thereof, as requested by VITA or such Authorized User, to any other supplier with whom VITA or such Authorized User contracts for provision of same. This obligation may extend beyond expiration or termination of the Contract for a period of time (i.e., three (3) months, six (6) months, twelve (12) months or as required and defined by VITA or such Authorized User (herein referred to as "Transition Period"). If this Contract includes Supplier's provision of licensed products, Supplier agrees that, without the expressed prior consent of VITA or such Authorized User, no action will be taken by Supplier to restrict or terminate the use of such licensed products after the date of expiration or termination of the Contract and/or during any Transition Period in which Supplier is contractually committed to work with VITA or any Authorized User. VITA or any Authorized User agree to pay for any additional maintenance or licensing fees during any Transition Period at the hourly rate or a charge agreed upon by Supplier and VITA or such Authorized User. Supplier must provide all reasonable transition assistance requested by VITA or such Authorized User to allow for the expired or terminated portion of the Services to continue without interruption or adverse effect, and to facilitate the orderly transfer of such Services to VITA or any Authorized User. Such transition assistance will be deemed by the parties to be governed by the terms and conditions of this Contract, except for those terms or conditions that do not reasonably apply to such transition assistance. Further, any period of transition will not affect VITA's or any Authorized User's rights in regards to any purchased Software Perpetual Licenses which are paid in full.

  • Subcontracting for the Provision of Services (a) The parties acknowledge that, subject to the provisions of LHSIA, the HSP may subcontract the provision of some or all of the Services. For the purposes of this Agreement, actions taken or not taken by the subcontractor, and Services provided by the subcontractor, will be deemed actions taken or not taken by the HSP, and Services provided by the HSP.

  • Duration of Services Any individual Service in this Section A shall terminate upon the earliest to occur of (a) 6 months following the Distribution Date, (b) five days following written notice of termination of such Services by Spinco to GGP and (c) the applicable termination date pursuant to Article IX of the Agreement. GGP agrees to use appropriate and reasonable efforts, as mutually agreed upon by the parties and at Spinco’s cost, to ensure that any terminated Service is integrated into Spinco’s broader business processes.

  • Service Provision Subject to, and in accordance with, the terms and conditions in this Agreement, the Operator will provide the Services (either directly or by making its facilities and services available to other Physicians) to:

  • Termination of Services 6.2. To promote a non-discriminatory work environment based on the principle of equality, employers and the trade union should adopt appropriate measures to ensure that employees with HIV and AIDS are not unfairly discriminated against and are protected from victimisation through positive measures such as:

  • Location of Services Subcontractor will provide the Services at the following address(es): _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

  • Suspension of Services We have the right to suspend the benefit of any Credit Union service at any time for reasonable cause. At Our discretion, We also have the right to pay any share draft presented for payment from Your Account after Your Account is closed or suspended and to recover such amount paid from You. Account services are available to those members in good standing with the Credit Union. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend services to a member who is not in good standing, which includes members that have: (a) a delinquent loan;

  • Inspection of Services Subcontractor shall make the Services accessible at all reasonable times for inspection by the Contractor. Subcontractor shall, at the first opportunity, inspect all material and equipment delivered to the job site by others to be used or incorporated in the Subcontractor’s Services and give prompt notice of any defect therein. Subcontractor assumes full responsibility to protect the work done hereunder until final acceptance by the Contractor or any authorized third (3rd) party.