Provision of Service Sample Clauses

Provision of Service. To the extent that Steady-State Reactive Power is a Relevant DS3 System Service, the Company shall have the right (but shall not be under any obligation) at any time to instruct the Service Provider, by the issue of a Dispatch Instruction, to provide Reactive Power (Leading) or Reactive Power (Lagging) from the Providing Unit.
Provision of Service. 5.1 The Licensee shall have the right to undertake the sale, hire purchase, lease or renting of the subscriber fixed / mobile terminals / CPE. Proper usage of terminal/CPE at subscriber's premises shall be as per agreement between the Licensee and subscriber.
Provision of Service. 2.1 Each Party shall provide, to any Authorized Roamer who so requests, in accordance with its own ordinary requirements, restrictions, practices, and tariffs, if applicable, and with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, any and all types of Service that such Party provides to its own Customers within its Service Area. At a minimum, such Service shall include voice communications capability, as well as any other types of Service required by this Agreement, including without limitation Article X hereof.
Provision of Service. The Licensee shall be responsible for, and is authorized to own, install, test and commission all the Applicable systems for providing the Service authorized under this License agreement. The Licensee shall intimate to the Licensor well in advance before the proposed date of commencement of any service in any Service Area containing the details of network and required facilities for monitoring of the service installed by the Licensee. Any service, permitted under the scope of this License Agreement, shall be commenced by the Licensee after giving an intimation to do so to the Licensor. However, the compliance to the scope of the License and requisite monitoring facilities will be demonstrated to the licensor within 90 days from the date of receipt of such intimation from the Licensee.