Definition of Telecommunication services

Telecommunication services means transmitting or relaying sound, visual image, data, information, images or material over lines, wires or cables by radio signal, light beam, telephone, telegraph or other electromagnetic means.
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Examples of Telecommunication services in a sentence

Telecommunication services provided under this Contract Tariff are furnished by means of wire, radio, satellite, fiber optics or any suitable technology or combination of technologies.
In addition to minor internal sales within the Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Safety, the state's Internal Service Funds provide the following goods and services to nearly all state agencies: Fleet management, Printing and mail services, Information management services, Telecommunication services, Building maintenance and management in the capitol complex, Administrative hearings services, and Debt collection.
Telecommunication services means any service for the transmission, emission, or reception of signals, sounds, information, images, or intelligence of any nature by optical waveguide, wire, radio, or other electromagnetic systems and shall include all facilities used in providing such service as well as the development, manufacture, sale, and distribution of such facilities.
Telecommunication services in the Essential NSEP category are those required to be provisioned by due dates specified by service users, or restored promptly, normally without regard to associated overtime or expediting costs.
Telecommunication services means the transmission, emission, or reception of signals, signs, writing, images, sounds, or intelligence of any nature, by wire, cable, satellite, fiber optics, laser, radio, visual or other electronic, electric, electromagnetic, or acoustically coupled means, or any combination thereof.