Working Order Sample Clauses

Working Order. All of the tangible Acquired Assets are, and as of the Closing Date will be, in good condition, working order and repair, normal wear and tear excepted.
Working Order. Nonfunctioning golf carts are to be removed from the campground.
Working Order. All Server Ready material provided to us must be previously validated and tested. We have no responsibility, and will make no effort to validate material and data placed on our servers and network. In the event that material provided to us is not Server Ready, we may at any time reject and delete this material. You may be offered the opportunity to make rejected material Server Ready; however, we are under no obligation to allow you to do so. Rejection of material for its failure to be Server Ready shall not constitute a material breach of this Agreement by us.
Working Order. The building systems and equipment in the Improvements are in good working order and condition. If Purchaser discovers that any representation made above is a Willful Misrepresentation or a Material Misrepresentation, Purchaser shall promptly notify Seller thereof and Seller shall have the right to take such action as is necessary to make such representation correct in all material respects. If Seller fails to take such action as is necessary to make such representation correct in all material respects, then Purchaser may (i) either exercise its remedies permitted under Section 16(a) below or (ii) proceed to Closing, in which event Purchaser shall be deemed to have waived any claims or damages it may have on account of the incorrect or misleading representation. Terms such as "Seller's knowledge", "Seller's actual current knowledge", "Seller's actual knowledge", "to the best of Seller's knowledge", "Seller's awareness" or other similar terms which are used in this Contract, shall be limited to the knowledge and awareness of Seller's Representatives.
Working Order. Except as described on Schedule 4.10 hereto, all material machinery and equipment of Communications are in working order and repair (normal wear and tear and normal repair or maintenance excepted). Except as set forth in the Document List, Communications has the unrestricted right to use its properties for its operations as presently conducted. Section 4.11
Working Order. Each Asset Seller's owned plant and machinery which is part of the Assets and which is material to such Asset Seller's Operations is (subject to fair wear and tear and having regard to their age) in satisfactory working order, has been properly maintained and is in the direct or indirect possession of the respective Asset Seller.
Working Order. All of the tangible Sold Assets are in good condition, working order and repair, normal wear and tear excepted.

Related to Working Order

  • Adopting Order The Parties agree that the provisions of this Compromise Agreement shall be subject to final approval by the General Counsel by incorporation of such provisions by reference in the Adopting Order without change, addition, modification, or deletion.

  • Timeliness of Submitting Orders a. You are obliged to date and indicate the time of receipt of all orders you receive from your customers and to transmit promptly all orders to us in time to provide for processing at the price next determined after receipt by you, in accordance with the Prospectuses. You are not to withhold placing with us orders received from any customers for the purchase of shares. You shall not purchase shares through us except for the purpose of covering purchase orders already received by you, or for your bona fide investment.

  • Sale Order The Bankruptcy Court shall have entered the Sale Order and the Sale Order shall be a Final Order.

  • Bidding Phase 3.5.1 OWNER will make Contract Documents available to Bidders. OWNER will determine cost and other terms. OWNER will direct bidding of Contracts (informal, formal, multiple or single prime construction contracts).

  • Pre-Ordering In accordance with FCC and Commission rules and orders, BellSouth will provide electronic access to the following pre-ordering functions: service address validation, telephone number selection, service and feature availability, due date information and customer record information. Access is provided through the Local Exchange Navigation System (LENS) interface and the Telecommunications Access Gateway (TAG) interface. Customer record information includes customer specific information in XXXX and RSAG. MidState Version R1Q03; 03/04/03 Telecommunications shall provide to BellSouth access to customer record information, including circuit numbers associated with each telephone number where applicable. MidState Telecommunications shall provide such information within four (4) hours after request via electronic access where available. If electronic access is not available, MidState Telecommunications shall provide to BellSouth paper copies of customer record information, including circuit numbers associated with each telephone number where applicable. If BellSouth requests the information before noon, the customer record information shall be provided the same day. If BellSouth requests the information after noon, the customer record information shall be provided by noon the following day.

  • Pending Orders 8.1 Client has the right to place the following pending orders:

  • BIDDING PROCEDURES 4.1. Bidders have to login at EHSAN AUCTIONEERS SDN. BHD. Website using the same registered email 30 minute before Auction Time.

  • Final Approval Order 62. The Parties shall jointly seek entry of a Final Approval Order, the text of which the Parties shall agree upon. The dismissal orders, motions or stipulation to implement this Section shall, among other things, seek or provide for a dismissal with prejudice and waiving any rights of appeal.

  • Preliminary Approval Order “Preliminary Approval Order” means the order of the Court preliminarily approving this Settlement Agreement.

  • Bidding Process 3.1. Bidding shall generally commence based on the sequence of the lot being shown on the PAH Website. However the Auctioneer has the right to vary the sequence without having to give prior notice to the intended bidders.