Party B definition

Party B. The Credit Support Annex, solely in respect of Party B's obligations under Paragraph 3(b) of the Credit Support Annex.
Party B means the Party identified as such in the Election Sheet;
Party B. Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx (hereinafter “Pledgor”), a Chinese citizen with Chinese Identification No.: ; and Party C: Beijing 58 Information Technology Co., Ltd., a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of the PRC, with its address at Xx.0 Xxxxxxxx, Xx 000, Xxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, PRC. In this Agreement, each of Pledgee, Pledgor and Party C shall be referred to as a “Party” respectively, and they shall be collectively referred to as the “Parties”.

Examples of Party B in a sentence

  • Party A permits Party B to use the trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.

  • This agreement shall come into force after being sealed by both parties or signed and sealed by their legal representatives, and Party B shall pay the full initial fee within 7 days from the date of signing and sealing.

  • Party B shall follow the advice and guidance of Party A or its appointed supervisor in the business process.

  • Party A shall continuously provide Party B with the necessary marketing, service or technical guidance for business operation, and provide necessary assistance to Party B..

  • Party A and Party B shall strictly perform the terms stipulated in the agreement.

More Definitions of Party B

Party B. Cash: As provided by Party B DTC Eligible Securities: As provided by Party B
Party B. Permanent Financing (No. 3) PLC Address: Blackwell House Guildhall Yard Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx: 000 0000 0000 Xxxxxxxxx: The Secretary With a copy to: (i) the Security Trustee:
Party B is the party designated as such in the introduction on page 1 of the Cover Sheet.
Party B means the party who performs the works of the Project, i.e. “Expert Network (Shenzhen) Company Limited”.
Party B. Beijing Min Si Xxxx Xxx Investment Management Co., Ltd. [Company seal is affixed] By: /s/Xxxx Xxxx Name: Xx Xx Title: Legal representative Party C: Youxin Yishouche (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. [Company seal is affixed] By: /s/Xxxx Xxxx Name: Xxxx Xxxx Title: Legal representative
Party B. Not applicable.
Party B. Guo Man, Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xx Xxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Beijing Shengshi Lianhe Advertising Co., Ltd. Party C: Beijing AirMedia Advertising Co., Ltd.