Transfer of Ownership definition

Transfer of Ownership. Includes, but is not limited to, the conveyance of a Mortgaged Property, whether legal or equitable, voluntary or involuntary, by any of the following methods:
Transfer of Ownership means a voluntary or involuntary conveyance of an interest in a vessel.
Transfer of Ownership means to change legal ownership of a public water system from one person to another.

Examples of Transfer of Ownership in a sentence

  • Transfer of ownership and rental agreements are probably the two most important ones.

  • Transfer of ownership: A transfer of ownership letter is required for VMCE to transfer ownership of a pet in ROVR and deliver care to the new pet owner.

  • Article 37: Transfer of ownership (assignment), inheritance, and relinquishment of industrial property rights 1) In accordance with Article 796 (2) of the Civil Code the assignment.

  • Perimeter Drive, MS 2350Moscow, ID ⏐ 208-885-0845Donor(s) Name: Address: Phone: Email: Transfer of ownership: I (we) donate to the University of Idaho, care of the Library Special Collections and Archives, the following materials.

  • Transfer of ownership of the Vukuzakhe contracting entity to new owners In cases where the contracting entity is sold to new owners, the Department must be informed in writing within thirty days (30) of the transaction to enable the Department to verify the status and update the Vukuzakhe Database records accordingly.

More Definitions of Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of Ownership means a change of substantial, or controlling interest, in the ownership of a facility. A change of less than five percent (5%) of the interest of the owner does not constitute a transfer of ownership unless it also results in a change of control of the owner.
Transfer of Ownership means the conveyance of title to or a present interest in property, including the beneficial use of the property, the value of which is substantially equal to the value of the fee interest."
Transfer of Ownership of a medical cannabis license means the transfer of a controlling ownership interest in the license. The Commission considers the following to constitute transfer of ownership:
Transfer of Ownership means the transfer defined in Article 2, Subsection 113.2 of this Agreement.
Transfer of Ownership means a transfer that impacts or changes the governance or controlling body of a health care facility, institution or large group practice, including, but not limited to, all affiliations, mergers or any sale or transfer of net assets of a health care facility.
Transfer of Ownership means a change in the ownership of a facility.
Transfer of Ownership means to convey ownership of a water system from one person or entity to another.