Transfer of Ownership definition

Transfer of Ownership means a voluntary or involuntary conveyance of an interest in a vessel.
Transfer of Ownership means to change legal ownership of a public water system from one person to another.

Examples of Transfer of Ownership in a sentence

  • Transfer of ownership rights shall be determined in accordance with the policies and procedures of UNDP.

  • Transfer of ownership of any Currency Warrant will be effected only through the selling beneficial owner's brokerage firm.

More Definitions of Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of Ownership means a change of substantial, or controlling interest, in the ownership of a facility. A change of less than five percent (5%) of the interest of the owner does not constitute a transfer of ownership unless it also results in a change of control of the owner.
Transfer of Ownership means the conveyance of title to or a present interest in property, including the beneficial use of the property, the value of which is substantially equal to the value of the fee interest."
Transfer of Ownership means a transfer that impacts or changes the governance or controlling body of a health care facility, institution or large group practice, including, but not limited to, all affiliations, mergers or any sale or transfer of net assets of a health care facility.
Transfer of Ownership means the transfer defined in Article 2, Subsection 113.2 of this Agreement.
Transfer of Ownership of a medical cannabis license means the transfer of a controlling ownership interest in the license. The Commission considers the following to constitute transfer of ownership:
Transfer of Ownership means to convey ownership of a water system from one person or entity to another.
Transfer of Ownership means a change in the ownership of a facility.