Engineering Services Sample Clauses

Engineering Services. Engineer shall perform Engineering Services as identified in Exhibit B entitled “Engineering Services.” County will prepare and issue Work Authorizations, in substantially the same form identified and attached hereto as Exhibit C and entitled “Work Authorization No. ”, to authorize the Engineer to perform one or more tasks of the Engineering Services. Each Work Authorization will include a description of the work to be performed, a description of the tasks and milestones, a work schedule for the tasks, definite review times by County and Engineer of all Engineering Services and a fee amount agreed upon by the County and Engineer. The amount payable for a Work Authorization shall be supported by the estimated cost of each work task as described in the Work Authorization. The Work Authorization will not waive the Engineer’s responsibilities and obligations established in this Contract. The executed Work Authorizations shall become part of this Contract. All work must be completed on or before the date specified in the Work Authorization. The Engineer shall promptly notify the County of any event which will affect completion of the Work Authorization, although such notification shall not relieve the Engineer from costs or liabilities resulting from delays in completion of the Work Authorization. Should the review times or Engineering Services take longer than shown on the Work Authorization, through no fault of Engineer, Engineer may submit a timely written request for additional time, which shall be subject to the approval of the County. Any changes in a Work Authorization shall be enacted by a written Supplemental Work Authorization before additional costs may be incurred. Any Supplemental Work Authorization must be executed by both parties within the period specified in the Work Authorization.
Engineering Services. The Connecting Transmission Owner will perform its review and approval of the engineering design of the Cricket Valley Substation, the Transmission Line, and the New York Line 398 Reconductoring as required in Section 5.2(3) of this Agreement in the manner described in this Section 5 and detailed in the scope of work attached as Appendix I to this Agreement. The Connecting Transmission Owner and Developer’s contact information concerning the performance of the engineering services described in this Section 5 are included in Appendix F of this Agreement. The Connecting Transmission Owner shall only provide engineering services for equipment and structure to which it is contemplated that title will be transferred to the Connecting Transmission Owner under this Agreement. The Connecting Transmission Owner is not providing engineering services with respect to any other equipment or structures. All work, including engineering and design, that may be required at the Pleasant Valley Substation related to the installation of a new feeder and/or modifications to existing Feeder 398 are not included in the engineering services described in this Section 5.
Engineering Services. Consultant shall provide all engineering services necessary to design and install the improvements described in Section A, including, but not limited to, the following:
Engineering Services. The Borrower’s Engineer will provide engineering services covering planning and design, operation of the System, and the supervision and inspection of the construction of the Project. The Borrower’s Engineer will provide to the Department the certificate required by Section 3.4.
Engineering Services. Developer shall furnish, at its own expense, all engineering services in connection with design, construction, installation and improvement of the Public Improvements. Engineering services shall be performed by a professional engineer registered in the State of Colorado. Engineering services shall consist of, but not be limited to, survey, designs, plans and profiles, specifications, drawings, estimates, construction administration, and the furnishing of necessary documents in connection therewith, including but not limited to final engineering drawings, final sewer and water design plans and final drainage plans (the “Civil Engineering Construction Plans”).
Engineering Services. Aircell will provide an engineering installation drawing package for installation on AA’s airplanes consisting of all applicable install drawings and installation work instructions. In addition, Aircell will provide Continued Airworthiness documents which include at a minimum [***]). The system component placement and design will take the following into consideration: • Consistent locations relative to all fleet typesCompliance with applicable FAA regulations and safety practices – Ease of installation – MaintainabilityFuture system growth & expansionCost effective During the design phase Aircell will coordinate the following milestones with AA: – Aircraft Audits – ITCM- Initial Technical Coordination Meeting – PDR- Preliminary Design Review – CDR- Critical Design ReviewFDRFinal Design Review Final ABS System configuration of each fleet is pending an audit of each aircraft to be installed. Airline to provide access to the airplanes and all related Technical Publications and OEM aircraft drawings to complete each engineering design package. Aircell will provide on-site engineering support as provided in Section 8.1.3 of the Agreement. Certification Services [***] American Airlines, Inc. and Aircell LLC Confidential and Proprietary Information EXHIBIT G MAINTENANCE SERVICES [***] American Airlines, Inc. and Aircell LLC Confidential and Proprietary Information Exhibit G-1 EXHIBIT H SYSTEM DEFINITION DOCUMENTATION (SDD) System Description A block diagram showing all major functions of the proposed aircraft system [***] American Airlines, Inc. and Aircell LLC Confidential and Proprietary Information EXHIBIT I PORTAL, ADVERTISING AND CONTENT MANAGEMENT, MARKETING ACTIVITIES This document sets out the agreement of the parties with respect to: the marketing activities of the parties in connection with the Aircell Broadband Services (“ABS”), advertising and content on the Portal, certain training activities, and certain aspects of customer care. Any initial-capitalized terms that are not defined herein (in Section 11) are defined in the main Agreement. Section references refer to this Exhibit unless sections of the main Agreement are specifically referenced.
Engineering Services. (a) engineering services;