Specific Conditions Sample Clauses

Specific Conditions. If applicable, specific conditions required after a risk assessment will be included in Exhibit G. Grantee shall adhere to the specific conditions listed therein.
Specific Conditions. The following conditions apply to the indicated portions.
Specific Conditions. When there is condition(s) specific to the Life insured which We will not cover, We will state them on Our offer of conditional acceptance, the Policy Information Page and Endorsement. If the Life insured suffers directly or indirectly from the excluded events, We will refund the higher of either the Premiums paid without interest or the Surrender value (if any) on the date of event occurrence, less any amounts owing to Us from this policy. If the policy has been assigned, the refund amount will be paid to the Assignee. If the policy has not been assigned, the refund amount will be paid to either You or Your executors / administrators.
Specific Conditions. 8.01 Permitted deviation for the weight specified per coil
Specific Conditions. Article I.1
Specific Conditions. The Developer hereby agrees that:
Specific Conditions. The Events Coordinator that reviews the Rental Agreement with you may/may not be the Events Coordinator attending your event. ❑ Client is responsible for all payment deadlines. Specifics listed on page 5. ❑ Client is responsible for communicating all service provider requirements to appropriate parties. Specifics on pages 3 & 4. ❑ Client is responsible for contracting additional labor for set-up and break-down of tables and chairs with the caterer or private events coordinator. Staffing provided by vendors must be covered under vendor’s insurance; therefore, family and friends are not permitted to set-up and break-down tables and chairs. ❑ Family and friends may assemble and break-down centerpieces. Their timing will be the same as all other vendors. ❑ Client and caterer (and hired private events coordinator, if client hires one) must meet with the Events Coordinator no later than three weeks (21 days) from the contracted event date. Details of event will be determined, and layout will be finalized. ❑ For evening events expecting a guest count of 130 or above additional Aquarium staff will be provided; see page 8 for pricing. For parties of 250 or more, staffing needs and charges will be structured per event. ❑ Client is responsible for having at least two greeters at the entrance of the Aquarium. Greeters are to be in place 30 minutes prior to event start time and remain through guests’ arrival For day events, an additional greeter at the entrance of event space is recommended. For evening events, once greeters leave the entrance area, Aquarium Security will lock the front doors, preventing entry. ❑ All ceremony rehearsals will be scheduled by Events Coordinator per availability of space. ❑ Bird seed and rice are NOT allowed for the exit of the bride and groom. Speak with Events Coordinator for exit options.
Specific Conditions. 12.01 When Management directs that an employee perform in a higher rated classification for a period of two hours or more and be expected to perform the normal duties of the higher rated classification, he or she will be paid at the higher rate for the full period.
Specific Conditions. This agreement entered into this Click to enter a date. is between the Missouri Department of Conservation of Jefferson City, Missouri, hereinafter called the Seller, and Click to enter name., hereinafter called the Buyer. Subject to the terms listed herein, the Seller agrees to sell to the Buyer all timber marked or designated as described as follows Spring Creek Gap Conservation Area, Compartment # 1, Township 39 and 40 North, Range 8 West, Section 3, 4 and 34, respectively, in Maries County, Missouri. The volume listed below is in one cutting block.
Specific Conditions the Employer recognises its responsibilities to provide adequate resources for its scientific staff to have their research and development work reviewed by peers at recognised scientific forums on a regular basis. To achieve this the Employer shall on an annual basis (during performance appraisals) discuss and plan with each scientific officer their requirements for training and attendance to seminar and conferences and agree how this can be scheduled.