AND EXERCISE Sample Clauses

AND EXERCISE. One-twelfth of the Options, that is, options for twenty-five thousand (25,000) shares, shall vest each month during the term of this agreement, beginning with the month in which this agreement is executed. Unvested Options may be subject to forfeiture or cancellation for non-performance of this Agreement, as set out herein. Vested Options will be exercisable on the sixtieth day following the close of the month in which they vest. The options expire five years after the end of the month in which they vest.
AND EXERCISE. In the event that the Director stands for election, and is elected at the 2005 Annual Meeting of Shareholders of Apropos, this option shall vest (and to the extent vested may be exercised in whole or in part, at any time and from time to time, subject to the terms hereof) during the Director's service on the Board of Directors of Apropos ("BOARD SERVICE") to a maximum cumulative extent of 25% of the total shares covered hereby on and after the last day of the first fiscal quarter of 200 (__ shares as of March 31, 200__); 50% of the total shares covered hereby on and after the last day of the second fiscal quarter (___ shares as of June 30, 200 ); 75% of the total shares covered hereby on and after the last day of the third fiscal quarter following the fiscal quarter in which the option was granted ( shares as of September 30, 200 ); and shall be fully vested and exercisable on and after the last day of the third fiscal quarter following the fiscal quarter in which the option was granted (__ shares as of December 31, 200__). If Director's Board Service terminates following either (i) a Corporate Transaction (as defined in paragraph 6 hereof) in which this option is not continued, assumed or substituted for, or (ii) Director's permanent total disability or death, the remaining shares covered by this option shall vest and become fully exercisable.
AND EXERCISE. Any and all of the Stock Options that were not fully vested and exercisable immediately prior to the date of this Agreement are fully vested and exercisable as of the date of this Agreement.
AND EXERCISE. Until this Option is terminated, the Employee shall have the right to purchase all or a portion of the Units subject to this Option at such times, and from time to time, as is hereinafter set out. There is no obligation on the Employee to purchase any of the Units subject to the Option. The Option shall vest (and to the extent vested become "Vested Options") as follows: one third (1/3) of the aggregate Units under the Option on the first anniversary of the date of grant and an additional one third (1/3) of such Units on each of the next following two anniversaries of the date of grant. To the extent vested, Options may be exercised at any time after the sixth anniversary date from the date of grant, provided that such Vested Options may be exercised earlier than six (6) years from the date of grant upon or after the first to occur of (i) the effectiveness of the Company's initial public offering ("IPO"), or (ii) on or after a "Significant Transaction." "Significant Transaction" means the sale of all or substantially all of the assets of the Company to an unaffiliated third party, or a merger, business combination or a change in control through the issuance or transfer of equity in the Company, wherein the equity owners of the Company (whether partners, stockholders, members or otherwise) of the Company immediately prior to the merger, combination or change in control, do not own or control (directly or indirectly) at least 10% of the equity interest in the Company or the successor company, as the case may be. The Company makes no representation that an IPO or Significant Transaction will occur and shall have no obligation to seek to cause such events to occur.
AND EXERCISE. 5.1 Subject to Clauses 8 and 9:
AND EXERCISE. With respect to each increment of Option Shares, the Option shall vest and be exercisable by the Optionee for a period of five (5) years (the "Option Period") from the Vesting Date applicable to each such increment of Option Shares.
AND EXERCISE. (a) The Option shall vest as to the right to purchase, and simultaneously become immediately exercisable, as follows:


  • Term and Exercise The Option shall expire five (5) years from the date hereof, subject to earlier termination as set forth in Section 3. Subject to the provisions of Section 3, the Option shall become exercisable in installments as set forth on the attached Face Sheet of this Agreement.

  • Vesting and Exercise Once vested, this Warrant may be exercised as -------------------- to such vested portion whether or not at the time of such exercise the Warrantholder is an employee of (or consultant to) the Company (or one or more of its subsidiaries); however, this Warrant shall automatically terminate as to any unvested portion at any such time as the Warrantholder is no longer employed by (or a consultant to) the Company (or any of its subsidiaries). If this Warrant is not exercised prior to 5:00 P.M. on the Expiration Date (or the next succeeding Business Day, if the Expiration Date is a Nonbusiness Day), this Warrant, or any new Warrant issued pursuant to Section 1.1, shall cease to be exercisable and shall become void and all rights of the Warrantholder hereunder shall cease. This Warrant shall not be exercisable, and no Warrant Shares shall be issued hereunder, prior to 9:00 A.M., New York City time, on the applicable Exercise Date.

  • Right to Exercise This Option is exercisable during its term in accordance with the Vesting Schedule set out in the Notice of Grant and the applicable provisions of the Plan and this Option Agreement.

  • Duration and Exercise of Warrant Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, the Warrant may be exercised, in whole or in part, by the Warrantholder by:

  • Term and Exercise of Option (a) The term of this Option shall commence on the Grant Date set forth above and shall continue until the Expiration Date set forth above, unless earlier terminated as provided herein.

  • Duration and Exercise of Warrants (a) This Warrant shall be exercisable by the registered Holder on any business day before 5:30 P.M., New York City time, at any time and from time to time on or after the date hereof to and including the Expiration Date. At 5:30 P.M., New York City time on the Expiration Date, the portion of this Warrant not exercised prior thereto shall be and become void and of no value. This Warrant may not be redeemed by the Company.

  • Full Exercise This Warrant may be exercised in full by the Holder hereof by delivery of an original or facsimile copy of the form of subscription attached as Exhibit A hereto (the "Subscription Form") duly executed by such Holder and surrender of the original Warrant within seven (7) days of exercise, to the Company at its principal office or at the office of its Warrant Agent (as provided hereinafter), accompanied by payment, in cash, wire transfer or by certified or official bank check payable to the order of the Company, in the amount obtained by multiplying the number of shares of Common Stock for which this Warrant is then exercisable by the Purchase Price then in effect.

  • Grant and Exercise of Option Provided that (i) no Default has occurred and is then continuing (ii) the creditworthiness of Tenant is then reasonably acceptable to Landlord and (iii) Tenant originally named herein or a Permitted Transferee remains in possession of the Leased Premises throughout the term immediately preceding the Extension Term (as defined below), Tenant shall have the option to extend the Lease Term for two (2) additional periods of five (5) years each (the "Extension Term(s)"). Each Extension Term shall be upon the same terms and conditions contained in the Lease except (x) this provision giving two (2) extension options shall be amended to reflect the remaining options to extend, if any, and (y) any improvement allowances or other concessions applicable to the Leased Premises under the Lease shall not apply to the Extension Term, and (z) the Minimum Annual Rent shall be adjusted as set forth below (the "Rent Adjustment"). Tenant shall exercise each option by delivering to Landlord, no later than twelve (12) months prior to the expiration of the preceding term, written notice of Tenant's desire to extend the Lease Term. Tenant's failure to timely exercise such option shall be deemed a waiver of such option and any succeeding option. Landlord shall notify Tenant of the amount of the Rent Adjustment no later than one hundred eighty (180) days prior to the commencement of the Extension Term. Tenant shall be deemed to have accepted the Rent Adjustment if it fails to deliver to Landlord a written objection thereto within thirty (30) days after receipt thereof. If Tenant exercises its option to extend in accordance with the terms hereof, Landlord and Tenant shall execute an amendment to the Lease reflecting the terms and conditions of the Extension Term within thirty (30) days after Tenant's acceptance (or deemed acceptance) of the Rent Adjustment.

  • Vesting and Exercise of Option The Option shall vest and become exercisable in increments in accordance with the schedule set forth below, provided that the Option shall vest and become exercisable with respect to an increment as specified only if the Optionee has not incurred a Termination of Employment prior to the vesting date with respect to such increment:

  • Right of Exercise Subject to the provisions hereof, each Registered Warrantholder may exercise the right conferred on such holder to subscribe for and purchase one (1) Common Share for each Warrant after the Issue Date and prior to the Expiry Time and in accordance with the conditions herein.