Maintenance Services Sample Clauses

Maintenance Services. 5.1 The Provider shall provide the Maintenance Services to the Customer during the Term.
Maintenance Services. Maintenance Services include
Maintenance Services. Subject to Client’s timely payment of the applicable maintenance fees, Accenture will make available the following maintenance services (“Maintenance Services”):
Maintenance Services. If ordered by Licensee and upon payment of the applicable fee, Licensee will be entitled to receive technical support services, including corrections, fixes, and enhancements to the Software that may be made generally available (the “maintenance services”) from Licensor in accordance with Licensor’s then-current maintenance terms for the applicable maintenance level purchased by Licensee. Maintenance services will not include any releases of the Software which Licensor determines to be a separate product or for which Licensor charges its customers extra or separately.
Maintenance Services. GSI shall maintain the Web site so that it functions in a reasonably error free manner. Upon notification of an error in the Web site or of a non-conformity between the Web site and the Features Set, whether from Retailer or from any user of the Web site, GSI shall promptly commence an investigation into the reported error, and GSI shall, upon reproducing such error, use reasonable commercial efforts to correct such error in a timely fashion. During such Maintenance Services, GSI shall ensure that the Web site is functional and ready to process transactions in a reasonably efficient manner, provided, however, GSI may, during low usage periods, -------- ------- temporarily block access to the Web site to perform Web site maintenance during periodic maintenance windows. GSI shall use its best efforts to notify Retailer not less than forty eight hours in advance of any planned maintenance of the Retailer's Web site which will cause GSI to close down the Web site. In the event that GSI is forced to close the Retailer's Web site as a result of an emergency, GSI shall use its best efforts to advise Retailer of the emergency within twenty four hours after it occurs.
Maintenance Services. 23 As more fully described in the Contract Documents, Developer shall perform the 24 Maintenance Services. The Maintenance Services shall include Routine Maintenance 25 and Capital Asset Replacement Work, each of which will be funded through separate 26 funding sources. The Maintenance Services shall comply with corresponding 27 requirements set forth in the Technical Provisions and other Contract Documents, 28 except as otherwise approved by ADOT in its sole discretion. Developer shall furnish all 29 Maintenance Services throughout the Maintenance Period, as more specifically set forth 30 in the Technical Provisions. Subject to the terms of Article 14, the cost of all 31 Maintenance Services, including all materials, services and efforts necessary to perform 32 the Maintenance Services, are included in the Maintenance Price.
Maintenance Services. Subject to the terms of this Exhibit and Licensee's payment of all Maintenance fees, MyECheck will provide the following:
Maintenance Services. 4.1 The Supplier does not warrant that the operation of the Equipment will be uninterrupted or fault free. On the Customer informing the Supplier that the Equipment is malfunctioning or has failed or is otherwise not in Good Working Order, the Supplier shall use reasonable endeavours during the Agreed Hours;
Maintenance Services. ‌ Those services, preventive and remedial, provided or performed by Supplier under the Contract or for an Authorized User in order to ensure continued operation of the Product, hardware, or Software, including Software Updates. Maintenance Services include support services. Maintenance Services for Software may include the development of Work Product, if so authorized in the Contract.
Maintenance Services. Supplier shall provide Maintenance Services (including unlimited telephonic support and all necessary travel and labor) during the MCP at the prices identified in Exhibit B without additional charge to maintain the Product in accordance with the Requirements. Exhibit B attached to this Contract provides detailed descriptions of the Supplier’s warranty and maintenance offerings and responsibilities, as well as remedies available to the Authorized User in the event Supplier fails to perform its warranty and maintenance obligations. Any remedies will be paid to the Authorized User on a quarterly basis. Exhibit B also defines coverage periods, response times, and restore times. Authorized User’s designated control organization will have the exclusive authority to request maintenance services. Supplier shall not respond to calls for service from any other source without prior written approval of Authorized User’s agreement administrator designated on the relevant order or SOW.