Billing Services Sample Clauses

Billing Services. NATIONAL GRID shall provide billing services which consist of billing and collecting Accounts Receivable and budget billing. ESCO shall be responsible for any and all ESCO Charges. NATIONAL GRID agrees to print XXXX'x name (provided that it does not exceed 36 characters) and telephone number and the respective Customer’s Accounts Receivable, based upon the current Billing Price Determinants in effect, on each NATIONAL GRID bill to such Customer provided that NATIONAL GRID has received Billing Price Determinants in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. NATIONAL GRID bills shall also contain a statement that directs Customers to make all checks payable to NATIONAL GRID only.
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Billing Services. Manager shall provide, or cause to be provided, the following billing services to P.C.:
Billing Services. In the event a billing service is used, the Trading Partner hereby certifies that the billing service is authorized to submit claims on the Trading Partner's behalf using Electronic Media. The Trading Partner agrees that if the billing agreement with the billing service is terminated, the Trading Partner shall immediately report the termination in writing to TennCare. The Trading Partner must complete a new security agreement and testing cycle when making a change from one billing service to another.
Billing Services. 6 SECTION 3.01.
Billing Services. The billing services provided to ESCO by NATIONAL GRID under Article 2.
Billing Services. 3 SECTION 3.01.
Billing Services. Consumption information The Retailer will provide to the Distributor information in respect of Invoices for Distribution Services issued by the Retailer to its Consumers in the previous month, within [7] Working Days of the end of the month. The format and content of the Invoice will comply with the relevant EIEP (if any). DISCONNECTION AND RECONNECTION SERVICES DATA COLLECTION SERVICES SCHEDULE 2ELECTRICITY INFORMATION EXCHANGE PROTOCOLS S2.1 The table below lists the EIEPs published on the Electricity Authority website as at the date of signing this agreement.
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Billing Services. RG&E and the ESCO/Marketer will render separate bills to Eligible Customers, unless RG&E and the ESCO/Marketer have executed and delivered a BSA, substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit C. RG&E will provide the ESCO/Marketer and the Director Customer, or a third party designated in writing by the ESCO/Marketer or Direct Customer, with applicable billing determinants and such other information as required by the Contract Documents or as otherwise may be agreed to by the Parties as being necessary for the Direct Customer to verify bills from its supplier and for the ESCO/Marketer to bill its Eligible Customers for Electric Power or Gas Supply. Such information provided hereunder will be provided by electronic data interchange and otherwise in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Contract Documents, and will be used by the ESCO/Marketer or Direct Customer, or its designated representative, solely for billing related matters between the ESCO/Marketer and its Eligible Customers, or between the ESCO/Marketer and RG&E. All such information provided hereunder will be kept confidential by ESCO/Marketer or Direct Customer, or its designated representative. Except as specifically provided for herein and in the Contract Documents, RG&E shall not be obligated to provide any information to a Direct Customer or any information on any customer to an ESCO/Marketer or its designated third party representative.
Billing Services. Company agrees to offer two billing services to Competitive Supplier: (1) Standard Complete Billing Service; and (2) Standard Passthrough Billing Service. All measured billing determinants provided by Company will be based on Company-owned metering, except as provided in Exhibit A or otherwise agreed to in a subsequent agreement.
Billing Services. Pursuant to Company’s Terms and Conditions, Supplier may elect to take Standard Complete Billing Service from the Company. In such an event, the Customer shall receive a combined bill from the Company for both Gas supply and related Delivery Service and any other Company provided services. Such combined bill shall be calculated and produced by Company. Election of this service will be made by Supplier in Exhibit B of this Agreement. Company shall calculate, print, insert and mail combined invoices to the Customer in accordance with Company’s normal practices for cycle billing, off-cycle billing and budget billing, as well as the applicable provisions of the Company’s Terms and Conditions. Company will consider reasonable requests from Supplier to incorporate Customer pricing options, where such requests are provided in writing. Supplier will be responsible for any additional processing, printing and/or programming expenses incurred by Company that result from the implementation of such a request. Company will provide Supplier with electronic files that report relevant account activity. Company shall respond to Customer’s initial telephone inquiries related to billing and payments and contact Customers and Suppliers as required to address billing or payment problems on a commercially reasonable efforts basis. Company will process transactions to address billing problems and generate correspondence as required to communicate billing information. Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement to the contrary, Company is not offering Supplier and shall not be required to provide or be responsible for any type of collection activities including, but not limited to, activities normally undertaken by a collection agency, debt collector or credit bureau as those terms are defined under applicable federal and state law. Acting on behalf of Supplier, Company shall acquire the right to invoice members of the Aggregation Pool as soon as such members owe Supplier for services rendered. Supplier shall not transfer to Company for the billing of any overdue/aged accounts and Company has no obligation to accept such accounts, or present aged/overdue balances to Customers. Ultimately, collection of Supplier charges and resolution of dispute of such charges remains the sole responsibility of Supplier. Company shall provide payment processing and lock boxes for mailed payments. Company reserves the right to offer payment options consistent with existing practices and procedu...
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