THE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT. 1.1 This framework agreement (the "Framework Agreement") has been concluded on the basis of a joint public procurement held by the Contracting Authorities (Amgros and Sykehusinnkjop HF, divisjon legemidler) in accordance with the Danish Public Procure- ment Act (Udbudsloven).
THE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT. 2.1 Each Order that the Customer places pursuant to the Framework Agreement is subject to and shall be deemed to incorporate these Call-off Terms which shall form part of the Contract to the exclusion of any terms and conditions which the Supplier may seek to impose under any quotation, confirmation of order, delivery note, invoice or similar document. By entering into the Framework Agreement the Supplier agrees to the application of these Call-off Terms to the Contract. The Supplier and the Customer agree that any other terms or conditions (whether or not inconsistent with these Call-off Terms) contained or referred to in any correspondence or any documentation submitted by the Supplier or elsewhere implied by custom, practice or course of dealing shall not apply.
THE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT. In light of the completion of the Equity Transfaenr d the business needs of the Gr,oounp29 June 2022,Guangdong Water and GH Water Sup(pelyach a subsidiary of the Company) entered into the Framework Agreement with Guangdong Water Technology in relation to the provision of the Support Services by the Guangdong Water Technology Group GtoDtIheWater Group. A summary of the salient terms tohfe Framework Agreement is set out below: Date: 29 June2022
THE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT. On 8 July 2011, the Company entered into the 2011 Framework Agreement with Xxx Xxx for the purchase of Concrete from time to time for the period from 1 June 2011 to 31 December 2013 pursuant to the terms of the 2011 Framework Agreement. The term of the 2011 Framework Agreement will soon expire. Accordingly, on 18 November 2013, the Company entered into the Framework Agreement with Xxx Xxx, whereby the Company (by itself or through its subsidiaries) may, but is not obliged to, purchase Concrete from Xxx Xxx (or its subsidiaries and/or associates) from time to time during the period from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2016 for the Group’s construction projects. The Group and Xxx Xxx (or its subsidiaries and/or associates) will enter into Individual Agreements for individual transactions during the term of the Framework Agreement, which shall contain details of transactions including but not limited to the rights, assumption and obligations of the parties, fees and expenses, requirements of manufacture, payment, delivery and indemnities. The terms of the Individual Agreements shall not conflict with the general principles set out in the Framework Agreement. Should there be any conflict, the parties shall discuss and agree such adjustments to the Individual Agreements so that the general principles in the Framework Agreement should prevail. The parties agreed that the price, fee or any other consideration shall be determined with reference to the relevant market price on a fair and reasonable basis. As will be explained in greater detail below, the Group awards its contracts for Concrete through a tender/quotation by invitations process by which market price (being the price offered by independent suppliers in the market) for the relevant Concrete products can be ascertained. The Framework Agreement is conditional upon approval by the Shareholders pursuant to the Listing Rules. Subject to satisfaction of such condition, the Framework Agreement is for a term commencing from 1 January 2014 and ending on 31 December 2016, both dates inclusive. The Framework Agreement may be renewed upon expiry subject to the Company’s compliance with the Listing Rules. The Framework Agreement may be terminated by either the Group or Xxx Xxx by giving prior written notice to the other party three (3) months in advance and the parties should decide on the terms and conditions of such termination by mutual agreement.
THE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT. The framework agreement is the overarching contract between each of the framework suppliers and CCS. The agreement is in place for four years and will expire on 27th December 2024. During this four year period you can award your own call-off contracts for a period of up to four years; each call off contract will be between you and the framework Supplier. You can award a contract at any time during the agreement and the call-off contract expiry date can extend beyond the period of the framework, providing the contract is awarded to the supplier during the framework period. We have ensured that the Framework specification is wide and generic enough to ensure that all types of printing requirements can be covered and you are able to define your requirements in specific detail as part of the call-off process.
THE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT. 1.1 This framework agreement (the "Framework Agreement") gives Amgros the right, but not the obligation, to order pharmaceuticals from the Supplier on an ongoing basis, and the Supplier shall deliver pharmaceuticals in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Framework Agreement.
THE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT. The principal terms of the Framework Agreement are summarized as follows:
THE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT. The Danish Energy Agency is not required to use this Framework Agreement when purchasing consultants which are within the scope of this Framework Agreement. Thus, it is possible for the Danish Energy Agency to purchase consultants through other Framework Agreements, through independent EU-Tenders or in other ways. However, the Danish Energy Agency's internal guidelines clearly indicate that this Framework Agreement is to be used for all purchases of consultants falling within the scope of the Framework Agreement, and it should therefore be an exception that the consultants in question are purchased differently.
THE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT. The Board announces that on 29 July 2016 (after trading hours), the Company entered into the Framework Agreement in respect of the continuing connected transactions with Hwabao Trust and Fortune SG Fund (collectively, the “Fortune Parties”), pursuant to which, the Group and the Fortune Parties have agreed to enter into a series of continuing connected transactions. The principal terms of the Framework Agreement are set out below: Date
THE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT. The Board is pleased to announce that on 20 November 2019 (after trading hour of the Stock Exchange), the Purchaser, (the Company or any of its subsidiary nominated by the Company), entered into a non-legally binding Framework Agreement with the Vendor in relation to the Potential Acquisition. The Framework Agreement is a non legally binding (save for those terms in relation to due diligence, valuation and assessment, exclusivity, confidentiality and termination) and is subject to, among others, the execution of the formal agreement. The terms of the formal agreement for the Potential Acquisition have yet to be determined. The Potential Acquisition, if materialize, may constitute notifiable transaction for the Company under Chapter 14 of the Listing Rules and further announcement will be made by the Company in regard when appropriate in accordance with the Listing Rules. No binding agreement (save for those provisions in Framework Agreement in relation to due diligence, valuation and assessment, exclusivity, confidentiality and termination) in relation to the Potential Acquisition has been entered into as at the date of this announcement. As the Potential Acquisition may or may not materialize, Shareholders and potential investors are advised to exercise caution when dealing in the shares of the Company. This announcement is made by the Company pursuant to Rule 13.09(2)(a) of the Listing Rules and the Inside Information Provisions under Part XIVA of the SFO. THE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT Date : 20 November 2019 Vendor : Beijing Guorundongfang Biotech Limited# ( 北京國潤東方生物科技有限公司) Purchaser : Enviro Energy International Holdings Limited (環能國際控股有限公司) or any of its subsidiary nominated by the Company To the best of the Directors’ knowledge, information and belief and having made all reasonable enquiries, the Vendor and its ultimate beneficiaries are Independent Third Parties.