The Supplier Sample Clauses

The Supplier. The Supplier’s Support Team has the following general responsibilities under the Contract:  The Supplier shall conduct business in a courteous and professional manner.  Once a support request has been submitted, the Supplier shall make itself available to work with the Bank’s support resource assigned to the support request.  The Supplier shall continue to provide the Bank access, software, licensing, training, documentation, and support for all software and hardware supplied.  The Supplier shall provide all of the necessary and requested documentation, information, and knowledge capital to the Bank prior to the deployment of any new application.  The Bank end-users do not contact the Supplier support resources directly to report a problem. All problem calls must be logged through the Bank’s Financial Management Unit.  Conducting all root-cause analysis and bug fix isolation and resolution activities, and associated documentation for the individual tasks, as assigned by the Bank.  Acting as a point of contact for all application issues (bugs and enhancements).  For enhancements, determining the potential high-level effort for all changes, and based on that, either passing it on to a developer or completing it themselves.  Identifying all tasks associated with each support request and deriving estimates for the completion of each task.  Responsible for responding to support requests.  Conducting coding and testing to resolve application problems.  Participating in the acceptance testing and implementation activities.  Providing knowledge transfer to the Bank’s Financial Management Unit staff.  Preparing status reports upon request.
The Supplier. 16.4.1 acknowledges that he/she has carefully considered the provisions of the clause;
The Supplier. The Supplier shall not transfer any obligations or rights arising out of the Agreement to any other party without the prior written approval of DALO. If the ownership of the Supplier or a controlling interest herein changes, in whole or in part, during the term of the Agreement, the Supplier shall inform the Buyer thereof in writing.
The Supplier. During the term of this Agreement and pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, Laserlock shall have the exclusive right to market and sell third-party advertising for placement on the back of any Promotional Slot-Tickets sold by the Supplier or any of its affiliates to any Gaming Operator and neither the Supplier nor any of its affiliates may sell Promotional Slot-Tickets to any Gaming Operator other than pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. Nothing in this Agreement shall affect any sales by the Supplier or any of its affiliates of Slot-Tickets without third-party advertising thereon.
The Supplier. COSTA’S BUILDERS MART PTY LTD (ACN 006 275 181)
The Supplier. The Supplier undertakes to provide the Customer with the products it sells under the best delivery conditions it deems acceptable and it represents and warrants that the products it puts into circulation are legal, their sale does not violate or endanger the rights of third persons. The Supplier undertakes to prepare a launch list of new products and provide the Customer with detailed information, including its price and its estimated delivery time. The Supplier regularly publishes the products it sells and their prices in a price list ofer. The right of changing the price of the products is reserved.
The Supplier. 1.1. The Supplier is notified and registered with The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) under Data Protection Legislation as a Data Controller.
The Supplier. 2.1 To indemnify the Insured for all sums which the Insured shall become legally liable to pay (including claimantscosts and expenses) as a result of claims first made against the Insured during the Period of Insurance by reason of any negligent act, error and/or omission arising from or in connection with the provision of the Services. LIMIT OF INDEMNITY Not less than £1,000, 000 in respect of any one claim and in the aggregate per annum. TERRITORIAL LIMITS United Kingdom PERIOD OF INSURANCE From the date of this Framework Agreement and renewable on an annual basis unless agreed otherwise by the Authority in writing (a) throughout the Framework Period or until earlier termination of this Framework Agreement and (b) for a period of six (6) years thereafter.
The Supplier. The Supplier shall absolutely and unconditionally guaranty all obligations of the Issuer under the Notes, the Note Purchase Agreement and the Trust Indenture. Pursuant to the Transmission Agreement, the Supplier shall transmit to the User, using the Project, electrical power and energy to be sold under the Power Sales Agreement. Fees payable under the Transmission Agreement to compensate the Supplier for the dedication of the Project to the User and the power delivery capability of the Project shall be evidenced by the Receivables. Upon the completion of each Segment to the satisfaction of the Supplier, such Segment shall be sold by the Issuer to the Supplier, a License Agreement for the use of the Property Rights shall be granted by the User to the Supplier and applicable regulatory requirements shall be satisfied. Simultaneously therewith, a Receivable will be issued by the User to the Supplier under the Transmission Agreement and sold to the Purchaser under the Receivables Purchase Agreement.
The Supplier. The Supplier shall not transfer any obligations or rights arising out of the Agreement to any other party without the prior written approval of DALO. If the ownership of the Supplier changes, in whole or in part, during the term of the Agreement, the Supplier shall inform the Buyer thereof in writing. If the Supplier or the owner(s) of the Supplier is a company with limited liability/has s e- curities admitted to trading on a regulated market, this provision shall only apply if the change of ownership gives rise to a notification requirement under the Danis h Companies Act no. 1089 of 14 September 2015 with amendments (in Danish: “Selskabsloven” med ændringer)/the Danish Consolidated Act no. 12 of 8 January 2018 regarding Capital Mar- kets with amendments (in Danish: bekendtgørelse af lov om kapitalmarkeder “kapitalmarkedsloven” med ændringer) or would give rise to such a notification require- ment if the Danish Companies Act/the Danish Act regarding Capital Markets did apply. If the change of ownership of the Supplier in DALO’s opinion might threaten the proper performance of the Agreement in regard to safety DALO shall be entitled to issue a writ- ten notice to the Supplier with a time limit of 30 (thirty) Days to remedy the issue. If DALO has not received documentation within the time limit that appropriate remedial action has been taken, DALO shall have the right to terminate the Agreement in its en- tirety with a written notice of 10 (ten) Days.