The Supplier Sample Clauses

The Supplier. Service Provider shall indemnify and keep Transnet indemnified from and against liability for damage to any Transnet property [whether tangible or intangible] or any other loss, costs or damage suffered by Transnet to the extent that it results from any act of or omission by the Supplier/Service Provider or its Personnel in connection with this Agreement. The Supplier/Service Provider’s liability arising out of this clause 27.3 shall be limited to direct damages.
The Supplier. (a) does not warrant that:
The Supplier. 8.95.1 shall not use, nor allow its Subcontractors to use forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour 8.95.2 shall not require any Supplier Staff or Subcontractor Staff to lodge deposits or identity papers with the Employer and shall be free to leave their employer after reasonable notice 8.95.3 warrants and represents that it has not been convicted of any slavery or human trafficking offences anywhere around the world 8.95.4 warrants that to the best of its knowledge it is not currently under investigation, inquiry or enforcement proceedings in relation to any allegation of slavery or human trafficking offenses anywhere around the world 8.95.5 shall make reasonable enquires to ensure that its officers, employees and Subcontractors have not been convicted of slavery or human trafficking offenses anywhere around the world
The Supplier. The Supplier’s Support Team has the following general responsibilities under the Contract:  The Supplier shall conduct business in a courteous and professional manner.  Once a support request has been submitted, the Supplier shall make itself available to work with the Bank’s support resource assigned to the support request.  The Supplier shall continue to provide the Bank access, software, licensing, training, documentation, and support for all software and hardware supplied.  The Supplier shall provide all of the necessary and requested documentation, information, and knowledge capital to the Bank prior to the deployment of any new application. Supplier’s Support Specialists  The Bank end-users do not contact the Supplier support resources directly to report a problem. All problem calls must be logged through the Bank’s Security unit.  Conducting all root-cause analysis and bug fix isolation and resolution activities, and associated documentation for the individual tasks, as assigned by the Bank.  Acting as a point of contact for all application issues (bugs and enhancements).  For enhancements, determining the potential high-level effort for all changes, and based on that, either passing it on to a developer or completing it themselves.  Identifying all tasks associated with each support request and deriving estimates for the completion of each task.  Responsible for responding to support requests.  Conducting coding and testing to resolve application problems.  Participating in the acceptance testing and implementation activities.  Providing knowledge transfer to the Bank’s Security unit staff.  Preparing status reports upon request.
The Supplier in and about the execution of the supply, complies with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and rules, guidelines and procedures otherwise provided for under this contract and ensures that his Subcontractors, employees and others under the Supplier’s direction and control, likewise observe and comply with the foregoing. Z7 Provision of a Tax Invoice and interest. Add to core clause 51