Suggestion Sample Clauses

Suggestion. 16.1. If You provide any suggestion to Exabytes Digital or its affiliates, Exabytes Digital will own all right, title, and interest in and to the suggestion, even if You have designated the suggestion as confidential. Exabytes Digital and its affiliates will be entitled to use the suggestion without restriction. You hereby irrevocably assign to Exabytes Digital all right, title, and interests in and to the suggestion and agree to provide us any assistance We may require to document, perfect, and maintain Our rights in the suggestion.
Suggestion. Most folks put in between $250-$500 $ Payments may show up on the credit card xxxx as Americas-Mailb. We’re sorry, but we must currently add a “convenience” fee based on the amount charged, because we do not want to have to raise our rates for all customers. Since we do not “resell” the postage to you as many other mail-forwarding companies do, if we did NOT have a convenience fee we would in effect be subsidizing your postage fund. Of course you can choose to send us a personal check instead. Your signature and check xxxx below gives us your permission to charge your credit card for all future services and postage. Your signature gives you a non-refundable membership, and we renew automatically. When postage/services acct. gets low, auto replenishment default (which you control) is $200 or □ Please top up my postage by $ (Min. $100; Bronze $50)
Suggestion all suggested improvements to AVEVA Connect and/or SaaS Applications which Client provides to AVEVA.
Suggestion. Of all the things that have been written by the author based on the research results, the authors can submit suggestions as follows:  In order for the manufacturing process of Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) for the transition of land rights for the purchase of the practice in the running as well as it should, then the parties must meet certain requirements set by the Public. And good communication between the parties involved in the buying and selling process with goodwill and a sense of responsibility.  We recommend that the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) will be stipulated in the laws and regulations specific to the format of the standard so that the parties put on sale as a preliminary agreement on the sale and purchase of land rights is well protected, and preferably in a manufacturing agreement Purchase (SPA) made by or in the presence of PPAT must explicitly write its articles on the clause concerning the conditions canceled until the injured party because the other party can claim breach of contract cancellation
Suggestion. PROGRAM Section 1 - Management at each facility is responsible for administering a progressive and sound incentive awards and suggestion program in accordance with OPM and VA regulations. Special Contribution and Suggestion Awards will be granted as fairly and equitably as possible in accordance with VA policy. Section 2 - The facilities will provide information to all employees so that they understand the general criteria for Special Contribution Awards, and the benefits to be derived from the Suggestion program. The Employer agrees to make suggestion forms accessible to the employees in the Unit. Section 3 - The Employer and the Union support and encourage all employees to participate in the Suggestion Program. It is agreed that every reasonable effort will be made to process suggestions in an expeditious manner. Normally, suggestions should be processed within sixty(60) days. Exceptions to this time frame may be required because of special situations such as a test period, referral to other outside authority for approval or review or development of an instruction. The Employer will provide an employee whose suggestion is not adopted or awarded a copy of the written evaluation at the time the decision is made. It is agreed that an employee who encounters unreasonable delays in receiving a final determination of the adoption or rejection of a suggestion should refer the matter to his/her immediate supervisor who will in turn make a reasonable effort to resolve the problem. The Incentive Awards Officer will be available to assist in these matters. Section 4 - The Employer and the Union will encourage employees to discuss prospective suggestions with their immediate supervisor, who will aid them in ensuring that the suggestion is sufficiently described for evaluation. Section 5 - An evaluator may discuss a suggestion with the suggester if he/she believes doing so will aid him/her in the evaluation process. ARTICLE 11
Suggestion. Following an inspection of numerous third-grade students at MTs N 8 Muaro Jambi in connection to the findings of this study, the following specific recommendations are made in order to enhance the quality of students' willingness to use English at that school. First and importantly, teachers should serve as role models for their students, particularly in communicative skill. Because it can function as a motivator for them to learn and speak English. Occasionally, the teacher should remind students to use English both inside and outside of class so that students become accustomed to using it, and the teacher should become involved in the students' activities in order to control and oversee their performance. Second, in order to improve the student's willingness and fluency, the teacher has to provide guidance or encouragement towards the student. Following that, students must frequently communicate with their peers or teachers. This practice can help students improve their vocabulary, improve their fluency, and boost their confidence. Furthermore, students should be encouraged to stop thinking about how tough the English language is, to stop worrying so much about mistakes, and to start thinking positively about their abilities, and to turn that bad thing into encouragement for themselves. Last but not least, this study has some limitations that restrict its scope in seeking the causes or factors that deal with the students' willingness to utilize English language at MTs N 8 Muaro Jambi. As a result, it is important that further research be conducted on the other element of communication willingness. REFERENCES Xxxxx Xxx Xxxxxxxxx, R. P. (2021). STUDENTS’ WILLINGNESS TO COMMUNICATE USING ENGLISH: A SURVEY STUDY. Paramasastra, 75 - 94 Xxxxxxxx, X. (2016). Conflicting Pathways to Participation in the FL Classroom: L2 Speech Production vs. L2 Thought Processes. Foreign Language Annals, Vol. 49, 367-383. Xxxxxx, X.X (1979). The Unwillingness to Communicate Scale : Development and Validation. Communication Monigraph, 60 - 69. Xxx, X., & Xxxxx, J. (2006). Interactional context and willingness to communicate: A comparison of behavior in whole class, group and dyadic interaction. System, 34(4), 480–493.
Suggestion. If there are more than one Provider or more than one User, the above lines are to be repeated for each Provider or User. In case the Providers are also Users (e.g. each party supplies information from an Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) to the other party), one can replace the words Provider and User with the names of the Organisations and indicate in Annex A who is Provider and who is User for each source of the ADS-B data. Having regard to the South East Asia Sub-regional Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Implementation Working Group (SEA ADS-B WG) objectives, including the optimisation of the provision and use of the ADS-B surveillance function through the installation of new facilities or the sharing of ADS-B data; With a view to the establishment of the categories of services through the airspace of the regions specified in Annex A and I; NOTE- More reasoning and motivations for the contract can be inserted here
Suggestion. 1. The notary, in making the Sale and Purchase Agreement, should include clear and complete confirmation clauses regarding certain cancellation conditions, for example if one of the parties has bad faith, or one of the parties is in default, the agreement can be canceled, so that it can provide legal protection for prospective sellers and potential buyers.
Suggestion. It can be suggested that English expressions have many functions. Their functions always appear in the communication, and should be known by any English speakers. By knowing their functions, effective communication with the other people can be further established. The functions which the English expressions have can be used for several different uses. Based upon the result of the research, the English expressions found to be used by the art shopkeepers is still in a limited number; therefore, there are still many other functional expressions which have not been communicated yet by the art shopkeepers. The uses of the functions of the English polite and more formal expressions by the art shopkeepers are also still so limited. And even, the uses of the functions of the neutral English expressions have not been applied yet by the art shop keepers. Consequently, the analysis of the functions and the uses of the functions of their English expressions can not be completely achieved in this paper. In order that the functions and the uses of the functions of the English expressions can be completely analyzed, and that the understanding of the English learners on these two cases is getting more, the research about the functions and also the uses of the functions of the English expressions can be continued by other writers BIBLIOGRAPHY
Suggestion. A suggestion offers advice for the educator’s consideration. It is to the educator’s discretion whether to follow it after reflection. Recommendation: A recommendation is a suggested change in pedagogy that merits serious consideration. A recommendation is offered in the strong belief it will improve teaching and learning.