Environmental Assessment definition

Environmental Assessment means an assessment of the presence, storage or release of any hazardous or toxic substance, pollutant or contaminant with respect to the collateral securing a Shared-Loss Loan that has been fully or partially charged off.
Environmental Assessment. A "Phase I" environmental assessment of a Mortgaged Property prepared by an Independent Person who regularly conducts environmental assessments and who has any necessary license(s) required by applicable law and has five years experience in conducting environmental assessments.
Environmental Assessment. An “environmental site assessment” as such term is defined in, and meeting the criteria of, the American Society of Testing Materials Standard Section E 1527-00, or any successor thereto.

Examples of Environmental Assessment in a sentence

  • New Zealand Forest Service 1975: Environmental assessment for State Forests in the South East King Country.

  • Subsidence limitation TABLE 1.1: Environmental assessment of a plan using only biomasses In order to understand the individual contributions of the various energy forms, we plotted all the plans that use a single type of energy in Figure 1.1, together with the plan developed by the region’s experts.

  • Environmental assessment, environmental impact reports, testing, and other reports not listed in the scope of work are excluded.12.

  • Environmental assessment of the Project will be carried out in compliance with ADB’s SPS and the government’s legislation and requirements.

  • Specific project locations have not been clearly identified at this stage, hence it provides a general impact identification framework to assist ARIAS Society to screen the projects and institute measures to address adverse environmental impacts.4.2 STEP 1: SCREENINGScreening is the process by which the appropriate level and type of Environmental assessment (EA) is determined for a given project on the basis of its likely environmental impacts.

More Definitions of Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment. A "Phase I assessment" as described in, and meeting the criteria of, (i) Chapter 5 of the FNMA Multifamily Guide or any successor provisions covering the same subject matter in the case of a Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan as to which the related Mortgaged Property is multifamily property or (ii) the American Society for Testing and Materials in the case of Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan as to which the related Mortgaged Property is not multifamily property.
Environmental Assessment means a report of an environmental assessment of any or all Unencumbered Properties and of such scope so as to be compliant with the guidelines established by the ASTM (including the taking of soil borings and air and groundwater samples and other above and below ground testing) as the Administrative Agent may reasonably request to be performed by a licensed environmental consulting firm reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent. Each applicable Loan Party shall cooperate with each consulting firm making any such Environmental Assessment and shall supply to the consulting firm all information available to such Loan Party to facilitate the completion of the Environmental Assessment. If any Loan Party fails to furnish the Administrative Agent within thirty (30) days after the Administrative Agent’s request with a copy of an agreement with an acceptable environmental consulting firm to provide such Environmental Assessment, or if any Loan Party fails to furnish to the Administrative Agent such Environmental Assessment within seventy five (75) days after the Administrative Agent’s request, upon written notice to the Parent and the Borrower, the Administrative Agent may cause any such Environmental Assessment to be made at the Borrower’s expense and risk. Subject to the rights of tenant, the Administrative Agent and its designees are hereby granted access to the Unencumbered Properties upon written notice, and a license which is coupled with an interest and irrevocable, to make or cause to be made such Environmental Assessments. The Administrative Agent may disclose to any Governmental Authority, to the extent required by Applicable Law, any information the Administrative Agent ever has about the environmental condition or compliance of the Unencumbered Properties, but shall be under no duty to disclose any such information except as may be required by Law. The Administrative Agent shall be under no duty to make any Environmental Assessment of the Unencumbered Properties, and in no event shall any such Environmental Assessment by the Administrative Agent be or give rise to a representation that any Hazardous Material is or is not present on the Unencumbered Properties, or that there has been or shall be compliance with any Environmental Requirement, nor shall any Company or any other Person be entitled to rely on any Environmental Assessment made by the Administrative Agent or at the Administrative Agent’s request but the Administrative Agent shall deli...
Environmental Assessment means the preparation of an environmental report, the carrying out of consultations, the taking into account of the environmental report and the results of the consultations in decision-making and the provision of information on the decision in accordance with Articles 4 to 9;
Environmental Assessment means an assessment including, without limitation: (i) an environmental site assessment conducted in accordance with the then-current standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials and meeting the requirements for satisfying theall appropriate inquiries” requirements; and (ii) sampling and testing of the Premises based upon potential recognized environmental conditions or areas of concern or inquiry identified by the environmental site assessment.
Environmental Assessment means a written assessment and report approved by the Administrative Agent as to the status of any Mortgaged Properties regarding compliance with any Legal Requirements related to environmental matters and accompanied by a reliance letter satisfactory to the Administrative Agent. Each Environmental Assessment must comply with all Legal Requirements.
Environmental Assessment has the meaning specified in Section 7.12(b).
Environmental Assessment. A "Phase I assessment" as described in, and meeting the criteria of, the American Society of Testing Materials Standard Sections 1527-99 or any successor thereto published by the American Society of Testing Materials.