Proposals Sample Clauses

Proposals. For Work Order contracts, the Contractor shall submit to System Agency separate proposals, including pricing and a project plan, for each Project.
Proposals. 7.2 Requests by the Association or the Board to amend the existing Agreement must be submitted in writing no later than September 30 of each school year in which the contract expires. Time Limit - Impasse
Proposals. Subject to Article 9 and, in accordance with Article 2.2.5, the Construction Manager shall request and receive proposals from Sub-Contractors and suppliers and will award those contracts to the qualified low bidder after he has reviewed each proposal and is satisfied that the Sub-Contractor is qualified to perform the work.
Proposals. Any proposal Agent gives to a prospective Enrolling Unit must accurately reflect UnitedHealthcare’s terms of coverage, including but not limited to benefits and premiums, and must not be misleading.
Proposals. A. Proposals must be submitted on forms furnished by the Owner and endorsed as provided in the Contract Documents.
Proposals. At the initial negotiations meeting, each party will explain the basic structure and content of its proposals. Nothing herein precludes either party, by mutual agreement, from making a preliminary written submission of its proposal to the other party prior to the initial meeting.
Proposals a. Requests by the Union to amend the existing Agreement must be submitted in writing no later than November 15 of each school year in which the contract expires. The representatives of the Board shall submit a counter-proposal in writing to the Union no later than the second meeting following the November 15 deadline.
Proposals. All offers made in any form by MCi shall be free of obligation, unless explicitly stated otherwise. All proposals made by MCi may be withdrawn at any time and will expire in any event sixty (60) days from the date the proposal was made unless specifically provided otherwise in writing when the proposal was made.
Proposals. After the Future Date, any proposal by TRQ or any of its subsidiaries or any of their respective representatives for any additional Senior Loans, bonds, streams, prepays or other similar instruments at TRQ or any of its subsidiaries (including OT LLC) or accommodation for same in the OT Project Financing Agreements shall first be presented to Rio Tinto to obtain its consent (where such consent is required pursuant to existing contractual rights) and alignment of the parties before any such proposal is discussed or shared with EOT or GOM or at any OT LLC board or shareholder meeting. For the avoidance of doubt, without limiting the rights of the parties under the PPA and all other agreements between TRQ and a member of the Rio Tinto Group, TRQ shall not directly or indirectly, prior to the Future Date, engage with EOT, GOM or the OT LLC board without having first obtained Rio Tinto’s consent, or the approval of the Technical Committee, in relation to any funding considerations or proposals.
Proposals. Schedule 3.17(b) of the Disclosure Schedules sets forth a true and accurate summary of all bids, proposals, offers, or quotations made by the Companies that were outstanding as of the date of this Agreement (collectively the “Proposals”), true and complete copies of which have been made available to FAAC. Schedule 3.17(b) of the Disclosure Schedules identifies each Proposal by the party to whom such bid, proposal, or quotation was made, the subject matter of such bid, proposal, or quotation and the proposed price.