THEREFORE Sample Clauses

THEREFORE the parties agree as follows:
THEREFORE the Signatories agree and will cause the following:
THEREFORE in fulfillment of the foregoing, the Borrower, the Guarantors, the Administrative Agent, the Issuing Lender, and the undersigned Lenders hereby agree as follows:
THEREFORE the Borrower, the Guarantors, the Lenders, and the Administrative Agent hereby agree as follows:
THEREFORE the Issuer will cause the following:
THEREFORE in consideration of the above Recitals, the mutual covenants and agreements herein set forth and the benefits to be derived therefrom, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Purchaser and Seller agree as follows:
THEREFORE the Security Holder agrees not to sell, pledge, hypothecate, assign, grant any option for the sale of, or otherwise transfer or dispose of, whether or not for consideration, directly or indirectly, PROMOTIONAL SHARES as defined in the North American Securities Administrators Association ("NASAA") Statement of Policy on Corporate Securities Definitions and all certificates representing stock dividends, stock splits, recapitalizations, and the like, that are granted to, or received by, the Security Holder while the PROMOTIONAL SHARES are subject to this Agreement ("Restricted Securities"). Beginning two years from the completion date of the public offering, two and one-half percent (2-1/2 %) of the Restricted Securities may be released each quarter pro rata among the Security Holders. All remaining Restricted Securities shall be released from escrow on the anniversary of the fourth year from the completion date of the public offering.
THEREFORE in order to set forth the terms, conditions and covenants upon which the parties have agreed, EDS and Executive agree as follows:
THEREFORE in consideration of the promises and mutual agreements hereinafter set forth, it is agreed by and between the undersigned as follows:
THEREFORE the parties hereby agree as follows: