Land Rights definition

Land Rights. All easements, rights of way, licenses, leases, surface use agreements and other interests or rights in real estate.
Land Rights means all easements, rights of way, licenses, leases, surface use agreements and other interests or rights in real estate.
Land Rights means all those rights and permits in accordance with the applicable legislation with respect to land in any Territory which grant such free and unrestricted rights, access and title as are necessary for the Project Activities, which may include but not be limited to use, possession, ownership, occupancy, control, assignment and enjoyment of such land.

Examples of Land Rights in a sentence

  • Such Land Rights shall contain terms and conditions which are acceptable to Company and the documents setting forth the Land Rights shall be provided in advance of execution to Company for its review and approval and shall be recorded if required by Company.

  • To the extent Land Rights other than leases are transferred to Company, appropriate modifications will be made to Attachment I (Form of Assignment of Lease and Assumption) to effectuate the transfer of such Land Rights.

  • Seller shall use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain on behalf of the Company perpetual Land Rights for the Company-Owned Interconnection Facilities.

  • Following the Execution Date, Seller shall provide as part of the Monthly Progress Report the status of negotiations with landowner(s) regarding the Land Rights.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, Company shall have the right in its sole discretion, at any time upon notice to Seller, to communicate directly with the landowner(s) and/or participate in the negotiations with landowner(s) for the Land Rights.

More Definitions of Land Rights

Land Rights means rights or interests in real estate, including any easement (proscriptive or otherwise), leasehold, right of way, licenses, or title in fee, as well as all consents, authorizations, and approvals that may be required for the full exercise thereof.
Land Rights means the easements, leases, permits, franchise agreements or other agreements that grant SCE the right to locate the Facilities on the Land and/or permit access to the Facilities by SCE.
Land Rights means any right in any land in the Republic under the customary law or any traditional practice;
Land Rights means a holder’s nonpossessory interest in land that imposes
Land Rights means any freehold, leasehold or other interest in land and any easements, servitudes or wayleaves, or other rights (including any real rights) providing the relevant Party with necessary rights of access and rights to install, replace, maintain, inspect, test, repair, operate or remove assets as is required by the relevant party;
Land Rights means all easements, rights of way, rights of access, rights of entry, governmental entry and access rights, crossing agreements, surface leases and permits by virtue of which the holder is entitled to occupy and access lands used or useful for purposes of operating the Assets, as described in Schedule A.
Land Rights means legal rights granted to Statutory Undertakers for access to their asset, including by way of wayleave, easement, lease or land transfer.