Student Teaching Sample Clauses

Student Teaching. The District shall pay the single coverage health insurance premium in the same manner prior to the commencement of the student teaching responsibilities for those education support professionals who are required to student teach in an effort to fulfill course requirements to become a teacher. The employee must be enrolled in a state certified program. No more than 25 employees shall be granted this benefit annually. Employees taking advantage of this program will be required to sign a letter of commitment to teach in Broward County for 2 years. Selection shall be based upon GPA; in the event of a tie, seniority shall prevail. The parties will form a committee to develop all procedures, guidelines and other aspects governing the awarding of this benefit to paraprofessionals fulfilling the student teaching requirements in order to become teachers. Committee recommendations shall be subject to review and final approval by the Superintendent.
Student Teaching. The Government does not anticipate the Contractor awarding fellowships and assistantships to students attending school under this agreement. However, for graduate students, should both the student and the Contractor decide it to be in the student's best interests to assist in the institution's teaching program, the Contractor may provide nominal compensation for part-time service. Base the compensation on the Contractor's practices and procedures for other students of similar accomplishment in that department or field. The Contractor shall apply the compensation as a credit against any invoices presented for payment for any period in which the student performed the part-time teaching service.
Student Teaching. For the encouragement of continued professional development, extended professional leave with pay for a period not to exceed one (1) school semester may be granted by the Board.
Student Teaching. “Full-time student teaching” is an assignment for the regular school day for the full 13- week University quarter term, including all adjunct duties normally performed by a teacher. For this, the University will award the District for performance by the District of all services required at the rate of three hundred fifty dollars ($350) for each full-time student. Prior to conducting student teaching, the University may request a pre-student teaching placement for the teacher candidate. This would be a part-time assignment for 30-40 hours. For this, the University will award the District for services rendered by the district at a rate of one hundred fifty dollars ($150) for each pre-student teaching placement.
Student Teaching. Credit units for student teaching supervision are established using guideline 13. Faculty members who receive credit units as departmental program coordinators and who are assigned student teachers as part of their coordinator duties do not receive additional CUs for student teaching supervision under this guideline.
Student Teaching. 1. Each teacher must have three (3) yearsexperience to be eligible to accept a student teacher;
Student Teaching. Teachers will have only one student teacher per year. The teacher and the principal must approve any exception to this practice. Assignments of student teachers shall be made with the agreement of the master teacher at least fourteen (14) days prior to the beginning date of the student teaching assignment. The fourteen
Student Teaching. Xxxxxxx shares an interest in supporting Bargaining Unit Members' professional development. As such, for Bargaining Unit Members seeking to engage in internships, observation hours or student teaching at Namaste, Xxxxxxx will work to the best of its ability with Bargaining Unit Members to grant such opportunities, provided they do not disrupt the operations of the school and/or student learning, as determined in Xxxxxxx's discretion. Non-Provisional Bargaining Unit Members who wish to leave Namaste for the purpose of student teaching or internship opportunities may take an unpaid leave of absence for no longer than four (4) months within an academic year. Bargaining Unit Members wishing to return to Namaste after completion of external student teaching or an external internship, shall be placed in an open position without loss of accrued personal days, provided that there is an open position for which the Bargaining Unit Member is licensed.
Student Teaching. The last course in this program is a 6 credit online course that accompanies the student teaching experience. ALL students must complete an application for student teaching and submit it by one of the deadlines listed below. **Late applications will NOT be accepted** o May 15 – Application deadline for students who wish to student teach in the following Spring semester o January 15 - Application deadline for students who wish to student teach in the following Fall semester The following requirements must be met at the time a student applies for student teaching o A copy of all required clearances must be on file at SJU: o ALL outstanding prerequisite courses must be completed and an official transcript reflecting a B or better in all prerequisite courses must be on file at SJU o Praxis 1 exam results reflecting a passing score must be on file at SJU If students choose to defer student teaching after an application has been submitted, they must reapply by the appropriate deadline. If a student’s information changes after applying for student teaching, the student must contact SJU as soon as possible. Students living in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, or Xxxxxxxxxx Counties in PA are considered local students and will have assistance from SJU in securing a location for their student teaching experience. Students who are outside of the local SJU area are required to find their own placement for student teaching. Student teaching can be done at a private or public school that serves students in grades 7-12. Students must contact SJU for any formal letters, requests, or forms that a school district requires for a student to student teach. Students must identify a cooperating teacher who meets the requirements below to oversee their student teaching experience one semester prior to student teaching: o Certified in the area of certification being sought by the student teacher o Have at least three years of certificated teaching experience; o Served in the school for at least 1 year in their current assignment o Model best teaching practices Cooperating teachers are compensated by SJU. All courses in the required curriculum must be completed prior to student teaching. Student teaching cannot be completed over the summer semester. If a student completes all of their field experience hours in the same classroom, they may NOT complete their student teaching in that same classroom. Student teaching must take place in grades 7-12 and must be done within the student’s content...
Student Teaching a) The PFT recognizes the responsibility of the profession to provide pre-service training experiences for potential teachers, and thus agrees to encourage its members, in all subjects and at all grade levels, to participate in student teaching programs. The PFT asserts that it will support decisions of teachers to volunteer as cooperating teachers.