The Candidate definition

The Candidate means the person(s) submitting its application for the pre-qualification for the supply, installation and commissioning (where applicable) of the goods, equipment and ancillary services in response to the Invitation for Pre-qualification.
The Candidate means the person introduced by TRS to the Client for a permanent placement.
The Candidate. If I am accepted as a participant in the Program I agree to: 1) complete the relevant Program preparation; 2) attend and participate fully in all sessions and activities that are part of the required Program; 3) develop a plan to transfer the learning acquired through the IHRTP and return to my organization to implement it; 4) participate in all evaluation activities during the Program and after its completion; 5) promote links of communication and cooperation between my organization, other participating organizations and Equitas; 6) show openness and respect towards other participants and all other individuals involved in the program, as stated in the Equitas’ “Code of Conduct” and its “Policy Against Sexual Harassment, Gender Discrimination and Harassment because of Sexual Orientation”. “ Equitas’ Code of Conduct requires participants, facilitators, resource people and staff to respect each other’s dignity, values, religion and culture, irrespective of race, gender, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability.” I understand that failure to comply with any of the above may result in not receiving a certificate of participation and/or my being asked to leave the Program. Candidate’s signature: Date (dd/mm/yyyy):   If you send your application by email, you may send the signed Memorandum of Agreement and the supporting letters by email (scanned documents), by Fax or by mail.

Examples of The Candidate in a sentence

  • The Candidate should note/remember the password for future reference and use.

  • The Candidate should also indicate the items they can tender for and their country of origin if pre-qualified, amongst other information required.

  • The Candidate shall complete the Letter of Application and all other documents furnished in the Prequalification Document attaching all documents required noting to include originals where necessary.

  • The Candidate is expected to examine all instructions, forms, provisions, terms and specifications in the Prequalification Document.

  • The Candidate Review Team will operate in accordance with the Network Election Procedures, as approved by the Women’s Council.

More Definitions of The Candidate

The Candidate is the person that undertakes the work recorded under the tuition of a supervisor and overseen by the mentor in preparation of professional registration. This person shall hold a relevant academic qualification recognised by the relevant professional council, be registered or register- able as a candidate in the appropriate category of registration.
The Candidate means Stephen Andrew Gould
The Candidate means a natural person taking part or intending to participate in the recruitment process conducted by the Controller, or in future recruitment processes conducted by the Controller, or who has expressed consent to the storage of their Personal Data in the Database of Candidates,
The Candidate means any person seeking admission to the coast guard unit.
The Candidate means a person who may be suitable for a permanent position with the Client or whom the Client may wish to be introduced to.
The Candidate means the person(s) or organization(s) submitting its application for the pre- qualification for the supply of legal services and ancillary services in response to the Invitation for Pre- qualification.
The Candidate means subject to clause 13 below, any person including an employee of the Company introduced to the Client by the Company regardless of whether otherwise known to the Client and shall include any employee of the Company who introduces himself or herself to the Client as a Candidate or is introduced to the Client by any third party.