Management Team Sample Clauses

Management Team. Subject to any approval or consulting rights of the --------------- Joint Operations Committee, Manager shall engage or designate one or more individuals experienced in dental group management and direction, including, but not limited to, an administrator, who will be responsible for the overall administration of the Practice including day-to-day operations and strategic development activities.
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Management Team. The Managing General Partner shall, and hereby does, delegate authority and responsibility for the day-to-day management of the business of the Partnership to a President (the “President”), a Chief Financial Officer, a Chief Accounting Officer, a Senior Investment Manager, and an Asset Management Officer of the Partnership, and such other officers of the Partnership as the Managing General Partner may deem appropriate, with the establishment of any office and the appointment of any person to fill such office by the Managing General Partner being subject to the approval of the Management Board. Each officer of the Partnership shall be an employee of Hines or an Affiliate of Hines and shall, other than the President, report to the President. The officers of the Partnership, together with such other employees of Hines as may be assigned to conduct the business of the Partnership under the supervision of such officers are collectively referred to as the “Management Team.” The Managing General Partner shall promptly notify each other Partner of the identity of the officers of the Partnership and their offices and any changes thereto.
Management Team. The Company shall have a full time management team that is separate from its Members headed by a Chief Executive Officer and such other officers as determined by the Board of Managers and shall operate in accordance with the parameters set by the Board of Managers. In addition to executing the tasks identified above in Section 1.3(b)(1) through (13), the Company’s management team shall also be responsible for such other tasks as determined by the Board of Managers.
Management Team. The Managing Director shall appoint all members of the management team and will have the power and authority to hire and fire such employees. Two members of the management team shall be seconded from candidates employed and recommended by the Class A Shareholder. In any event, however, the Managing Director shall have the right to (x) refuse the secondment of the candidate recommended by Gécamines or (y) require the Class A Shareholder to end the secondment in question with 30 calendar days advance written notice. In such cases, the Class A Shareholder will submit another recommendation to replace such candidate. The Class A Shareholder shall hold T.F.M. and the Managing Director harmless and shall indemnify them against any Claim brought against them by any rejected candidate or any employee of Gécamines whose secondment is terminated.
Management Team. FNIS may, with notice to the Company, add members to or remove members from the Management Team or increase the size of the Management Team.