Office of the Superintendent Sample Clauses

Office of the Superintendent. 6.7.1 In the event the grievant is not satisfied with the formal written decision of the immediate supervisor in Step 1, the grievant may (within ten (10) days of the formal written decision rendered in Step 1) appeal the decision on the appropriate form to the District Superintendent or designee. Forms are to be made available at school and departmental locations by the District grievance officer.
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Office of the Superintendent. General Insurance Superintendency, pursuant to Law No. 8653. TITLE II HANDLING OF NOTICES OF INCIDENT AND APPLICATIONS FOR INDEMNIFICATION SINGLE CHAPTER Procedures for Notice of Incident and Application for Indemnification
Office of the Superintendent. If the conflict has not been resolved the review will be sent to the Office of the Superintendent for a decision which will be given within ten (10) business days of the completion of the formal steps.

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  • Superintendent The Contractor shall employ a competent superintendent and necessary assistants who shall be in attendance at the Project site during the progress of the Work. The superintendent shall represent the Contractor and all communications given to the superintendent shall be as binding as if given to the Contractor. All Communications shall be in writing when made or shall be confirmed in writing, by the Contractor, within twenty-four (24) hours of the communication.

  • OFFICE OF THE COMPANY As long as any of the Warrants remain outstanding, the Company shall maintain an office or agency (which may be the principal executive offices of the Company) where the Warrants may be presented for exercise, registration of transfer, division or combination as provided in this Warrant.

  • Level Two - Superintendent 1. If the grievant or the Association is not satisfied with the disposition at Level One, or if no decision is rendered within five (5) days after the presentation of the grievance, the grievant or the Association may appeal the grievance to the superintendent by delivering a written notice of appeal to the superintendent’s office within ten (10) days after receiving the decision, or lack of one, at Level One.

  • Action by the Superintendent The Superintendent shall determine which of the alternative courses of action is proper and shall take appropriate action to implement such determination.

  • Superintendent of Schools The duly appointed executive officer of the Owner authorized to act by and through The School Board of Broward County, Florida. Referred to hereinafter as the Superintendent.

  • General Administration 13.1 The Managers shall handle and settle all claims arising out of the Management Services hereunder and keep the Owners informed regarding any incident of which the Managers become aware which gives or may give rise to claims or disputes involving third parties.

  • Office of Foreign Assets Control Neither the Company nor any Subsidiary nor, to the Company's knowledge, any director, officer, agent, employee or affiliate of the Company or any Subsidiary is currently subject to any U.S. sanctions administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasury Department (“OFAC”).

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development This includes a HUD produced video titled “The Basics of the Fair Housing Act” which can be accessed via YouTube at xxxxx:// Relief for Complainant

  • SITE SUPERVISION 1.9.1 Contractor shall provide adequate supervision of his employees to ensure complete and satisfactory performance of all work in accordance with the terms of the contract. Contractor shall have a responsible supervisor on the job at all times when the work of the contract is being carried out.

  • Central Administration k. Professionals

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