Standard Conditions Sample Clauses

Standard Conditions. This Agreement shall include all of the standard conditions as detailed in Exhibit B, attached hereto and by this reference incorporated herein.
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Standard Conditions. The Standard Conditions for Advances Made by the World Bank under its Project Preparation Facility dated July 31, 2010 (“Standard Conditions”), constitute an integral part of this Agreement.
Standard Conditions. UNDP standard conditions of procuring services shall apply to this agreement (Attachment A).
Standard Conditions. The provisions of the Standard Conditions for use with the Rice University Short Form Contract set forth in Attachment 3 attached hereto (collectively, the “Standard Conditions”) are by reference made a part hereof as though set forth at length herein.
Standard Conditions. (a) The Standard Conditions for Grants made by the World Bank Out of Various Funds dated July 31, 2010 (“Standard Conditions”), with the modification set forth in paragraph (b) below, constitute an integral part of this Agreement.
Standard Conditions. C.3.1 Access, Inspection, and Public Records. The Recipients must ensure that the State Water Board, the Governor of the State, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Office of Inspector General, any member of Congress, or any authorized representative of the foregoing, will have safe and suitable access to the Project site at all reasonable times during Project construction and thereafter for the term of the Agreement. The Recipients acknowledge that, except for a subset of information regarding archaeological records, the Project records and locations are public records, including but not limited to all of the submissions accompanying the application, all of the documents incorporated into this Agreement by reference, and all reports, disbursement requests, and supporting documentation submitted hereunder.
Standard Conditions. The Executive's employment with the Company shall be subject to the Company's Standard Conditions of Employment, as in effect from time to time (the "Standard Conditions"), provided that if any conflict arises between this Agreement and the Standard Conditions, this Agreement shall control. The Standard Conditions may be modified from time to time by the Company, provided that the Standard Conditions may not be modified in any manner that would adversely affect the Executive without the consent of the Executive.
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Standard Conditions. STAFFING SECURITY The Contractor shall comply with the Staff Vetting Procedures in respect of all persons employed or engaged in the provision of the Services as per HMG BASELINE PERSONNEL SECURITY STANDARD. The Contractor confirms that all persons employed or engaged by the Contractor shall have complied with the Staff Vetting Procedures prior to commencing the Services and accessing the Premises. The Contractor shall provide training on a continuing basis for all Staff employed or engaged in the provision of the Services in compliance with the Security Policy and Security Plan.
Standard Conditions a. No building permits shall be issued until the final plat is recorded, the streets (including curb and gutter installation) needed for access to lots where permits are requested are paved with the first lift of asphalt, and the sewer and water service utilities are tested and approved by the city engineer/designee.
Standard Conditions. This agreement incorporates the Standard Conditions as varied by the schedule and so far as they apply to a letting and are not varied by or inconsistent with the other provisions of this agreement (which will prevail in case of conflict)
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