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The World Bank means the International Development Association (IDA).

Examples of The World Bank in a sentence

  • Imperial Nature: The World Bank and Struggles for Social Justice in the Age of Globalization.

  • Source: The World Bank, World Development Indicators (WDI) database.

  • The World Bank publication Pensions Panorama (Whitehouse 2007) has different categories—Tier 1 (for redistribution) and Tier 2 (for savings/insurance).

  • The World Bank (2021) also uses UNCTAD Eora data and finds about 30% forward linkages and 20% backward linkages in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • The World Bank, Myanmar Public Expenditure Review 2015, pp.80-81.

  • The World Bank, Myanmar Public Expenditure Review 2015, p.91; author;s correspondence with World Bank staff.

  • The World Bank, Public Financial Management Performance Report, p.37.

  • I.e. expenditures and revenues that are not recorded in the budget data submitted by government entities to the MoPF.Subnational Governments' Share of Government Expenditure60%45%45%35%33%25%15%11%10%JapanVietnamKorea Indonesia Pakistan Philippines Bangladesh Myanmar ThailandSources: International figures (2009) taken from Dickenson-Jones, De and Smurra, State and Region Public Finances in Myanmar, p.44; Myanmar figure (2014/15) taken from The World Bank, Myanmar Public Expenditure Review 2015, p.83.

  • See, The World Bank, Myanmar Public Expenditure Review 2015, p.82.

  • The World Bank, Myanmar Public Expenditure Review 2015, pp.90-91.

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The World Bank means the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) or the International Development Association (XXX). (k) “The Project Site,” where applicable, means the place or places named in SCC. (l) “Day” means calendar day. 2. Application 2.1 These General Conditions shall apply to the extent that they are not superseded by provisions of other parts of the Contract. 3.
The World Bank means Ghe TnGernaGional Bank for ReconsGrucGion and DevelopmenG (TBRD) or Ghe TnGernaGional DevelopmenG AssociaGion (TDA).
The World Bank. (also called “The Bank”) means the International Bank for

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