Disbursement Requests Sample Clauses

Disbursement Requests. Except as expressly provided in the Credit Agreement, Administrative Agent must receive Disbursement Requests in writing. Disbursement Requests will only be accepted from the applicable Authorized Representatives designated in the Disbursement Instruction Agreement. Disbursement Requests will be processed subject to satisfactory completion of Administrative Agent’s customer verification procedures. Administrative Agent is only responsible for making a good faith effort to execute each Disbursement Request and may use agents of its choice to execute Disbursement Requests. Funds disbursed pursuant to a Disbursement Request may be transmitted directly to the Receiving Bank, or indirectly to the Receiving Bank through another bank, government agency, or other third party that Administrative Agent considers to be reasonable. Administrative Agent will, in its sole discretion, determine the funds transfer system and the means by which each Disbursement will be made. Administrative Agent may delay or refuse to accept a Disbursement Request if the Disbursement would: (i) violate the terms of this Agreement; (ii) require use of a bank unacceptable to Administrative Agent or Lenders or prohibited by government authority; (iii) cause Administrative Agent or Lenders to violate any Federal Reserve or other regulatory risk control program or guideline; or (iv) otherwise cause Administrative Agent or Lenders to violate any applicable law or regulation.
Disbursement Requests. MCA-Benin II may request Disbursements to be made under the Compact by submitting a request in accordance with the Reporting Guidelines (each, a “Disbursement Request”), duly completed, to MCC not later than twenty (20) days (or such other period of time as may be agreed by MCC) prior to the commencement of each Disbursement Period. Requests for Disbursement of Program Funding and Compact Implementation Funding for any Disbursement Period will be made by separate Disbursement Requests using the applicable form. Unless MCC agrees otherwise in writing, MCA-Benin II may submit only one Disbursement Request for Program Funding, and one Disbursement Request for Compact Implementation Funding, for each quarter (such quarter, or any other period of time as agreed by MCC, the “Disbursement Period”). Each Disbursement Request submitted must be accompanied by the Periodic Reports covering the corresponding Disbursement Period.
Disbursement Requests. Borrower must submit a disbursement request in writing for each disbursement from a Reserve/Escrow Account, which disbursement request must specify the items of Replacement, Repairs, or Restoration for which reimbursement is requested (provided that for any Borrower Requested Replacements, Borrower Requested Repairs, Additional Lender Replacements, and Additional Lender Repairs, Lender shall have approved the use of the Reserve/Escrow Account Funds for such replacements or repairs pursuant to the terms of Section 13.2(yyyyy)(22)), and must: if applicable, specify the quantity and price of the items or materials purchased, grouped by type or category; if applicable, specify the cost of all contracted labor or other services, including architectural services, involved in the Replacement, Repair, or Restoration for which such request for disbursement is made; if applicable, include copies of invoices for all items or materials purchased and all contracted labor or services provided; include evidence of payment of such Replacement, Repair, or Restoration satisfactory to Lender (unless Lender has agreed to issue joint checks in connection with a particular Repair, Replacement, or Restoration item as provided in this Loan Agreement); if applicable, contain a certification by Borrower that the Repair, Replacement, or Restoration has been completed lien free and in a good and workmanlike manner, in accordance with any plans and specifications previously approved by Lender (if applicable) and in compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations of any Governmental Authority having jurisdiction over the Mortgaged Property, and otherwise in accordance with the provisions of this Loan Agreement; and if applicable, include evidence that any certificates of occupancy required by applicable laws or any Governmental Authority have been issued. Conditions to Disbursement. In addition to each disbursement request and information required in connection with such disbursement request, Lender may require any or all of the following at the expense of Borrower as a condition to disbursement of Reserve/Escrow Account Funds (provided that for any Borrower Requested Replacements, Borrower Requested Repairs, Additional Lender Replacements, and Additional Lender Repairs, Lender shall have approved the use of the Reserve/Escrow Account Funds for such replacements or repairs pursuant to the terms of Section 13.2(yyyyy)(22)): an inspection by Lender of the Mortgage...
Disbursement Requests. The Government may request Disbursements of the Grant (other than the portion of the Grant to be utilized for the MCC-Administered Activities) by submitting a written request to MCC substantially in the form of the “Disbursement Requestprovided by MCC or posted on the MCC Website (each, a “Disbursement Request”), duly completed, not later than 20 days (or such other period of time as may be agreed by MCC) prior to the commencement of each Disbursement Period. Unless MCC agrees otherwise, the Government may submit only one Disbursement Request for each calendar quarter (such quarter, or any other period of time as agreed by MCC, the “Disbursement Period”).
Disbursement Requests. Requests by Borrower for disbursements of Revolving Loans shall be made in writing by Borrower to ORIX at least three Business Days prior to the date the requested disbursement is to be made.
Disbursement Requests. To receive any portion of the Grant Amount, Grantee shall deliver to ODE its Disbursement Request. Grantee’s Disbursement Request must describe all work performed with particularity and shall itemize and explain all expenses for which reimbursement or direct payment is claimed in detail, including sufficient detail to allow ODE to determine the extent to which such expenses are Capital Costs.
Disbursement Requests. The proceeds of the Loans shall be disbursed from time to time by Bondowner Representative to or for the account of Borrower only in accordance with, and upon the satisfaction of the conditions precedent contained herein and in the Disbursement Agreement, including, with respect to each Disbursement, the delivery of a Requisition (as defined below) signed by Borrower and approved in writing by Bondowner Representative; provided that, prior to each Disbursement, Bondowner Representative agrees to provide two (2) days’ advance notice to Trustee of the aggregate principal amount of the Loans then proposed to be disbursed. The requisite approval of any Requisition for a Disbursement shall only be given in accordance with this Agreement and shall be subject to the prior satisfaction of all of the conditions precedent to such Disbursement contained in this Agreement and the Disbursement Agreement, including, but not limited to, Sections 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 hereof, as the case may be. The proceeds of the Loans (and all funds now or hereafter on deposit in the Disbursement Agreement) shall be disbursed on a line-item by line-item basis in accordance with the Approved Budget and subject to Section 3.11 hereof. In no event shall Bondowner Representative have any obligation to consent to any disbursement on account of any item if the amount to be disbursed on account of that item, when taken in the aggregate with all amounts previously disbursed on account of that item, exceeds the amount allocated to such item in the Approved Budget (as may be reallocated from time to time in accordance with Section 3.3 below and subject to Section 6.4 hereof). Disbursements shall be made only upon Borrower’s written request in the form attached hereto as Exhibit ”E” (a “Requisition”) showing all costs which Borrower intends to fund with such Disbursement, itemized in such detail as Bondowner Representative may reasonably require, accompanied in each case by (a) an Application and Certificate for Payment (AIA Documents G702 and G703), or other document acceptable to Bondowner Representative containing certifications by Contractor and Architect that construction to the date of the Disbursement Request is in accordance with the Plans and all recommendations contained in any approved soils report, (b) invoices and lien releases satisfactory to Bondowner Representative including in any event partial lien releases executed by each contractor and subcontractor who has received any payment f...
Disbursement Requests. (a) Borrower shall request and Lender shall be required to make disbursements of the Loan not more frequently than once each calendar month (except that up to 3 times during the term of the Loan, Borrower may submit twice monthly disbursements of the Loan). Lender may at any time take such action as it deems appropriate to verify that the conditions precedent to each disbursement have been satisfied, including, without limitation, verification of any amounts due under the Construction Contract or any Subcontract. Borrower agrees to cooperate with Lender in any such action. If in the course of any such verification, any amount shown on any contract or subcontract entered into for the performance of any portion of the Work, or any application for payment, sworn statement or waiver of lien is subject to a possible discrepancy, such discrepancy shall be resolved by Borrower to Lender’s satisfaction. Each request for disbursement shall be made within ten (10) Business Days of the requested date of disbursement, by a letter from the chief financial officer of Borrower, addressed to Lender, specifying in detail the amount and mode of each disbursement and accompanied by the following, all in form and substance satisfactory to Lender: