Government Regulations definition

Government Regulations means the regulations made under the Act as amended, restated or in effect from time to time;
Government Regulations means and include any and all terms, conditions and provisions of (a) any law, regulation, order, statute, decree, rule, writ, injunction, determination or award of any court or Governmental Entity and (b) any contract for research, development and/or manufacturing between LTC and any department or agency of the United States government but only to the extent such contracts reflect provisions required by clause (a) above to be included therein.
Government Regulations. (政府規例) means the administrative rules known as the Government Regulations and any other administrative rules or instruments regulating the public service; (Added 76 of 1999 s. 3)

Examples of Government Regulations in a sentence

  • In case where it is necessary for employees or representatives of the Vendor to go upon the premises of owner, vendor agrees to assume the responsibility for the proper conduct of such employees/representatives while on said premises and to comply with all applicable Workmen's Compensation Law and other applicable Government Regulations and Ordinances and all plant rules and regulations particularly in regard to safety precautions and fire hazards.

  • Maintaining safety requirements and relevant Government Regulations, and ensure their implementation.

  • Players who display symptoms related to Covid-19 within 10 days of the Tournament MUST not travel to the Tournament venue and MUST withdraw from the tournament and self-isolate in accordance with Government Regulations.

  • However, the National Treasury is in the process of closing the books of accounts through requesting for a write-off.Committee RecommendationThe Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury should finalize the winding up of the Fund and submit the winding up report in line with the PFM Act and Regulation 209 of the PFM (National Government) Regulations 2015.

  • Income Tax will be deducted from the Invoices/Bills at source as per Government Regulations.

More Definitions of Government Regulations

Government Regulations means, in respect of a Party, all applicable laws and regulations and, if applicable, the prevailing rules and regulations of any Regulatory Authority in any jurisdiction to which that Party is subject in respect of the performance of its obligations under the Agreement in each case for the time being in force (but not including, for the avoidance of doubt, the Card Scheme Rules);
Government Regulations has the meaning set forth in Section 4.1(h) hereof.
Government Regulations means the regulations made under the Act as amended, restate or in effect from time to time.
Government Regulations means all present and future governmental laws, statutes, codes, ordinances, rules, regulations, limitations, restrictions, orders, judgements and other governmental requirements applicable to the Property, including without limitation the PID Permit.
Government Regulations shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.24(a).
Government Regulations means Environmental Laws and all present and future statutes, regulations, rules, ordinances, codes, licenses, requirements, resolutions, policy statements, and orders (including without limitation, those relating to land use, subdivision, zoning, environmental, toxic or hazardous waste, occupational health and safety, water, earthquake, hazard reduction and building and fire codes) of any governmental authority having jurisdiction, and all applicable judicial, administrative and regulatory decrees, judgments and orders relating to the ownership, construction, alteration, rehabilitation, maintenance, use, operation, sale or other disposition of the Facility.
Government Regulations means any law, ordinance, order, rule or regulation of a Governmental Body.