Utility Services definition

Utility Services means cable, electric, natural gas, telephone, telecommunication, water, and wastewater treatment services and includes but is not limited to the improvement, installation, maintenance, relocation, or repair of cables, fibers, pipes, utility poles, utility structures, wires, and associated right-of-way and other infrastructure associated with such services.

Examples of Utility Services in a sentence

  • Utility services must be independent for each living unit, except • units in a two to four-unit property may share water, sewer, gas, or electricity as long as there are separate service shut-offs for each unit, and• units under separate ownership may share connections from the main to the building line when those connections are protected by an easement and a maintenance agreement acceptable to VA.

  • Findings revealed after the analyzing the activities that should be executed by the Pradeshiya Sabha in accordance with Section 3 of Pradeshiya Sabha Act such as regulations and control of Health of the General Public, Common Utility services and Public Road Facilities and Maintenance of People’s Prosperity, Welfare and Development are given below.

  • Utility services can include electricity, natural or manufactured gas, water, sewage, thermal energy, chilled water, steam, hot water, and high-temperature hot water.

  • All requests should include:• Size of the installation• Location• Height• Anchoring details• Utility services required• If applicable, plans for repair of damaged floors or pavements Tent installations will not be allowed in fire lanes or in areas reserved for GWCC activities.

  • Utility services" includes facilities necessary for the transmission of electricity, gas, telephone communications, cable television, sewerage, water or similar services which are currently or may in the future become available.[PL 1989, c.

More Definitions of Utility Services

Utility Services means the services provided by a utility for which a rate or charge has been approved by the Board, and includes a distributor’s obligation to sell electricity pursuant to section 29 of the Electricity Act,1998.
Utility Services means the services to be provided by the Concessionaire as grantee of the concession under this Agreement.
Utility Services means any service that is connected to any building or living space through pipe or wire network for helping to convey fluids, energy and messages, in and out of any building or living space;
Utility Services for purposes of this chapter, means any or
Utility Services means the services provided by a utility for which a regulated rate, charge or range rate has been approved by the Board.