Construction materials definition

Construction materials means any tangible personal property that will be converted into real property.
Construction materials means any tangible personal property that will be
Construction materials means any tangible personal property that will be converted

Examples of Construction materials in a sentence

  • Construction materials comprise materials acquired under the termination agreements with 15MCC and Shanxi of US$1,309,362 and US$1,875,299 respectively.

  • Construction materials pertain to supplies, such as but not limited to steel bars, cement, plywood and hollow blocks, used in the construction and development.

  • Construction materials would be procured mainly from: for concrete, reinforcing steel bars and timber, Baota District and Yanchuan County; for dynamite, gasoline and deasel, local chemical companies and Yanchang Petroleum Corporation; for sand and gravel, the nearby markets.

More Definitions of Construction materials

Construction materials means tangible personal property which, when combined with other tangible personal property, loses its identity to become an integral and inseparable part of a structure or project including public and private improvements. Construction Materials include, but are not limited to, such things as: asphalt, bricks, builders' hardware, caulking material, cement, concrete, conduit, electric wiring and connections, fireplace inserts, electrical heating and cooling equipment, flooring, glass, gravel, insulation, lath, lead, lime, lumber, macadam, millwork, mortar, oil, paint, piping, pipe valves and pipe fittings, plaster, plumbing fixtures, putty, reinforcing mesh, road base, roofing, sand, sanitary sewer pipe, sheet metal, site lighting, steel, stone, stucco, tile, trees, shrubs and other landscaping materials, wall board, wall coping, wallpaper, weather stripping, wire netting and screen, water mains and meters, and wood preserver. The above materials, when used for forms, or other items which do not remain as an integral and inseparable part of completed structure or project are not construction materials.
Construction materials means any tangible personal property to be used for incorporation in or improvement of a facility or structure constituting or becoming part of realty. A “facility” means any additions to the land.
Construction materials means crushed stone, dolomite, limestone, gravel and such other Mineral Substances that may be designated as Construction Materials from time to time in the Mining Regulations.
Construction materials means construction items including fixtures in or on a facility that is fully transformed and utilized in the construction of facilities to be used by a QIP to carry out its Investment Activity during the initial construction phase or expansion.
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Construction materials means an item of tangible personal property that is used to construct or renovate a building, a structure, or an improvement on land and that typically loses its separate identity as personal property once incorporated into the real property. “Construction materialincludes building materials, building systems equipment, landscaping materials, and supplies.
Construction materials means rock, gravel, sand, marble, clay, earth, silt, pumice, volcanic ash and materials derived there from or occurring as a constituent part thereof used in the construction and maintenance of public roads and other public works.