Attachment 3 definition

Attachment 3 means the Authority’s “Commercial and Residential ERC Factors Table”, being herein so called, which is attached hereto and incorporated by reference.
Attachment 3. Schedule of Xxxxxxx’x fees Fees charged by Xxxxxxx and passed on by EduVision for Services associated with the test: • There is a fee of $40 for each reprinted document such as a reprint of the ICAS test results. Reprints may be requested for name corrections or if a certificate/report is damaged. Xxxxxxx reserves the right to waive this fee. If the fee is waived by Xxxxxxx, EduVision will similarly waive the fee. • Medal re-issue due to errors with the name supplied to EduVision will incur a fee of

Examples of Attachment 3 in a sentence

  • On Attachment 3, the Proposer must either indicate acceptance of the Terms and Conditions or clearly identify exceptions to the Terms and Conditions in the Standard Agreement (Attachment 2).

  • Any exceptions to the RFP, or the State of Delaware’s terms and conditions, must be recorded on Attachment 3.

  • On Attachment 3, the Proposer must check the appropriate box and sign the form.

  • If the Vendor is taking no exceptions, respond accordingly on Attachment 3.

  • Vendors may elect to take minor exception to the specifications, terms and conditions of this RFP by completing Attachment 3.

More Definitions of Attachment 3

Attachment 3. Position Descriptions (see Section 0.0.xx. of HRSA’s SF-424 R&R Application Guide)
Attachment 3. Final Report Final Report Date Submitted: Grantee Name: Grant Number: Project Name:
Attachment 3. The feasibility report on organic fertilizer manufacturing.
Attachment 3. An Acceptance Certificate which is defined in Section 1.1.
Attachment 3. Standard of daily examination on service quality of the appointed medical treatment institutions in charge of the basic medical treatment insurance of the employee working for district-class department directly under the central department.
Attachment 3. The Schedule – Draft PBRT Determination COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA National Health Act 1953 PHARMACEUTICAL BENEFITS DETERMINATION UNDER PARAGRAPH 98B (1) (a) Part I — General
Attachment 3. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW ON INTERNAL CONSTITUENT STATE CITIZENSHIP STATUS AND CONSTITUENT STATE RESIDENCY RIGHTS ANNEX III: FEDERAL LAWS The attachments to this Annex shall be federal legislation upon entry into force of the Foundation Agreement, able to be amended in accordance with the Constitution.