Machinery or equipment definition

Machinery or equipment means machinery or equipment purchased after December 31, 2010, and used directly or indirectly to uncover, sever, crush, handle, or transport coal removed from the earth. "Machinery or equipment" includes draglines, excavators, rolling stock, conveyor equipment, reclamation equipment, equipment to pulverize coal, water trucks, fuel trucks, low-boys, cranes, lubrication trucks, motor graders, service trucks, light plants, and dewatering equipment, but does not include rail spurs, office buildings, workshops, or any component not used directly to uncover, sever, crush, handle, or transport coal removed from the earth.
Machinery or equipment means only complete systems or
Machinery or equipment means tangible personal property eligible for depreciation under accounting standards.

Examples of Machinery or equipment in a sentence

  • Machinery or equipment, even if customized, and even if used in conjunction with special tools.

  • Machinery or equipment used in safety or fire prevention, even though the machinery or equipment is required by law.

  • Machinery or equipment used to assemble, maintain, or repair other machinery or equipment directly used in livestock or dairy production (e.g., welders, paint sprayers, and lubricators).

  • Machinery or equipment used to test or inspect livestock or dairy animals during production.

  • Machinery or equipment that employs interactive text based communications through the transmission of coded signals across the telephone network.

  • Machinery or equipment of significant value, in which the person has invested money, is used by him or his employees in conducting his business.

  • Machinery or equipment used for the personal comfort, convenience, or use by a farmer, the farmer’s family or employees, or persons associated with the farmer are not exempt from tax.

  • Machinery or equipment used in the exhibit of livestock or dairy animals (e.g., blankets, halters, prods, leads, and harnesses).

  • The new force main section will be constructed of 450 mm diameter PVC C905 DR 25 pipe.

  • Machinery or equipment is “primarily used in livestock or dairy production” if of the total time that unit of machinery or equipment is used, more than 50 percent of the time is in livestock or dairy production.

More Definitions of Machinery or equipment

Machinery or equipment means a mechanical unit or system which processes material.

Related to Machinery or equipment

  • Computer Equipment means Covered Property that is electronic computer or other data processing equipment, including peripherals used in conjunction with such equipment, and electronic media and records.

  • Other Equipment is leasehold improvements, intangible property such as computer software and software licenses, equipment specifically designed or manufactured for Borrower, other intangible property, limited use property and other similar property and soft costs approved by Bank, including taxes, shipping, warranty charges, freight discounts and installation expenses.

  • Machinery means any article or combination of articles assembled, arranged or connected and which is used or intended to be used for converting any form of energy to performing work, or which is used or intended to be used, whether incidental thereto or not, for developing, receiving, storing, containing, confining, transforming, transmitting, transferring or controlling any form of energy;

  • Customer Equipment means any equipment including any Purchased Equipment and any software, other than BT Equipment, used by you in connection with a Service.

  • Equipment is all “equipment” as defined in the Code with such additions to such term as may hereafter be made, and includes without limitation all machinery, fixtures, goods, vehicles (including motor vehicles and trailers), and any interest in any of the foregoing.

  • Qualified machinery and equipment means all new industrial

  • Standard equipment means the basic configuration of a vehicle which is equipped with all the features that are required under the regulatory acts of the Contracting Party including all features that are fitted without giving rise to any further specifications on configuration or equipment level.

  • Fixtures and Equipment means, with respect to any Person, all of the furniture, fixtures, furnishings, machinery and equipment owned or leased by such Person and located in, at or upon the Assets of such Person.

  • Appliances means and include electrical, mechanical and electronic appliances such as refrigerator, television, DVD player, videocassette recorder/player, washing machine, microwave oven, music system, personal computer, laptops and air-conditioner contained or fixed in the Insured’s home for domestic use.

  • Contractor Equipment means all appliances and things of whatsoever nature (other than temporary works) required for execution and completion of works and remedying of any defects, therein. But does not include plant, materials or other things intended to form or forming part of the permanent works.

  • Equipments and ‘Plants’ shall mean and include all sorts of machineries and accessories, apparatus, instruments, components manufactured articles and parts etc. to be supplied or provided by the contractor under the terms of the contract , unless otherwise specified

  • Farm machinery means all machines and tools that are used in the production, harvesting, and care of farm products, and includes trailers that are used to transport agricultural produce or agricultural production materials between a local place of storage or supply and the farm, agricultural tractors, threshing machinery, hay-baling machinery, corn shellers, hammermills, and machinery used in the production of horticultural, agricultural, and vegetable products.

  • Associated equipment means equipment that is used in conjunction with a radiographic exposure device to make radiographic exposures that drive, guide, or come in contact with the source.

  • Electrical equipment means underground equipment that contains dielectric fluid that is necessary for the operation of equipment such as transformers and buried electrical cable.

  • Movable equipment means a hand-held or non-hand-held machine or device, powered or unpowered, that is used to do work and is moved within or between work sites.

  • Tooling means tools funded or provided by the Buyer.