ACRONYMS Sample Clauses

ACRONYMS. 2 The following standard definitions are for reference purposes only and may or may not apply in their 3 entirety throughout this Agreement:
ACRONYMS. CLEC - Competitive Local Exchange Carrier CO - Central Office (BellSouth) DS3 - Facility that carries 28 T1s (672 circuits) ECC - Emergency Control Center (BellSouth) NMC - Network Management Center SWC - Serving Wire Center (BellSouth switch) T1 - Facility that carries 24 circuits TSP - Telecommunications Service Priority
ACRONYMS. Other terms that are capitalized and not defined in this Agreement will have the meaning in the Act. For convenience of reference only, Attachment 21: Acronyms provides a list of acronyms used throughout this Agreement.
ACRONYMS. The following standard definitions are for reference purposes only and may or may not apply in their entirety throughout this Contract:
ACRONYMS. The list of acronyms applicable to the TSS-E base contract(s) PWS and individual task orders are as follows: ACOR Alternate Contracting Officer's Representative A2/C2 Airspace Command and Control AAR After Action Review AARS After Action Review System ABCS Army Battle Command System ACAT I Acquisition Category AFARS Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement ACOM Army Command ACP Army Campaign Plan ACSIM Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management ACUB Army Compatible Use Buffer ADOCS Automated Deep Operations Coordination System ADP Automated Data Processing (ADSI) Air Defense Systems Integrator AEC Army Environmental Command AETF Army Evaluation Task Force AFATDS Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System AIS Automated Information Systems AITR Army Information Technology Registry AKO Army Knowledge Online AMDPCS Air and Missile Defense Planning and Control System AMR Army Modernization Review AMRDEC Aviation & Missile Research Development & Engineering Center AMRP Army Master Range Plan AOM Average Occupancy Models AQL Acceptable Quality Level AR Army Regulation ARFORGEN Army Force Generation ARNG Army National Guard ARRM Army Range Requirements Model ASAS All Source Analysis System ASAT Automated Systems Approach to Training ASCC Army Service Component Command ASO Army Safety Office ASP Army Safety Program ATO Authority to Operate ATSC Army Training Support Center ATTRS Army Training Requirements and Resources System BAX Battle Area Complex BCCS Battle Command Common Services BCTC-ES Battle Command Training Capability-Equipment Support BMP Best Management Practices BES Basis of Estimate Summary BFT Blue Force Tracker BLUFOR Blue Force BOIP Basis of Issue Plan BSC Battle Simulation Center BVT Battlefield Visualization Team C&A Certification and Accreditation CFR Code of Federal Regulations C/I Coach/Interactors C2PC Command and Control Personal Computer C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance CACTF Combined Arms Collective Training Facility CATT Combined Arms Tactical Trainers CBCSE Common Battle Command Simulation Equipment CCB Configuration Control Board CCI Construction Compliance Inspections CCTT Close Combat Tactical Trainer CD Combat Developer CDD Capabilities Development Document CDRL Contract Data Requirement List CG Commanding General CHP Common Hardware Platform CIM Contractor Installation Manager CJCSI Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction CJCSM Chairman of th...
ACRONYMS. AFDC – Aid to Families with Dependent Children AICPA – American Institute of Certified Public Accountants CAH – Critical Access Hospital CAPA – Corrective Action Preventive Action CAPA/PC – Corrective Action Preventive Action/Performance Concern CDC – Centers for Disease Control CFR – Code of Federal Regulations CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program – formerly known as the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) CMO – Care Management Organization CMS – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CNM – Certified Nurse Midwives CSB – Community Service Boards DCH – Department of Community Health DME – Durable Medical Equipment DOI – Department of Insurance EB – Enrollment Broker EPSDT – Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment EQR – External Quality Review EQRO – External Quality Review Organization EVS - Eligibility Verification System FFS – Fee-for-Service FQHC – Federally Qualified Health Center GF – Georgia Families GTA - Georgia Technology Authority HHS – US Department of Health and Human Services HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HMO – Health Management Organization IBNR – Incurred-But-Not-Reported INS – U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services IPC – Interpregnancy Care component of the 1115 Demonstration Waiver LIM – Low-Income Medicaid MMIS – Medicaid Management Information System NAIC – National Association of Insurance Commissioners NCQA – National Committee for Quality Assurance NET – Non-Emergency Transportation NP-C – Certified Nurse Practitioners NPI – National Provider Identifier P4HB – Planning for Healthy Babies 1115 Demonstration Waiver PA – Physician Assistant PBM – Pharmacy Benefit Manager PC - Performance Concern PCP – Primary Care Provider PPS – Prospective Payment System QAPI – Quality Assessment Performance Improvement RHC – Rural Health Clinic RSM – Right from the Start Medicaid SCHIP – State Children’s Health Insurance Program SSA – Social Security Act TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families TDD – Telecommunication Device for the Deaf UM – Utilization Management UPIN – Unique Physician Identifier Number UR – Utilization Review
ACRONYMS. DEC/LDEC - Department Environmental Coordinator/Local Department Environmental Coordinator GU-BTEN-001BT - BellSouth Environmental Methods and Procedures EVET - Environmental Vendor Evaluation Team P&SM - Property & Services Management Std. T&C - Standard Terms & Conditions
ACRONYMS. If used in this Agreement (including in the Program Implementation Description and any other annex or attachment to this Agreement), the following acronyms have the meanings ascribed to them below: Acronym Meaning ACT Artemisinin-based combination therapy AIDS Acquired immune deficiency syndrome ANC Antenatal Clinic ART Antiretroviral therapy ARV Antiretroviral BCC Behavioral change communication BSS Behavior Surveillance Survey CBO Community-based organization CCM Country Coordinating Mechanism XXXX Country response information system CSW Commercial sex worker CT Counseling and testing DDT Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane DFID United Kingdom Department for International Development DHS Demographic and Health Surveys DOTS Directly Observed Treatment, Short Course DRS Drug resistance surveillance DST Drug susceptibility testing FBO Faith-based organization GLC Green Light Committee GTZ German Technical Cooperation HAART Highly active antiretroviral therapy HCW Health care worker HIS Health Information System HIV Human immunodeficiency virus IDU Injecting drug user IEC Information education and communication IPT Intermittent preventive treatment IRS Indoor residual spraying ITN Insecticide-treated net KAP Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices survey LFA Local Fund Agent LLITN Long-lasting insecticide treated net MDG United Nations Millennium Development Goals MDR Multi-drug resistant M&E Monitoring and Evaluation MERG Monitoring and Evaluation Reference Group MICS Multi indicator cluster surveys MoH Ministry of Health MSM Men who have sex with men NAC National AIDS Committee NAP National AIDS Programme NGO Non-governmental organization NMCP National malaria control program NTP National tuberculosis control program OI Opportunistic infection OVC Orphans and children made vulnerable by AIDS PAHO Pan American Health Organization PHC Primary Health Care PEP Post-Exposure Prophylaxis PMTCT Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission PLWHA Persons living with HIV/AIDS PPTCT Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission PR Principal Recipient RBM Roll Back Malaria RCM Regional Coordinating Mechanism RDT Rapid diagnostic test SR Sub-recipient STD Sexually transmitted disease STI Sexually transmitted infection TB Tuberculosis UNAIDS Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS UNCITRAL United Nations Commission on International Trade Law UNDP United Nations Development Programme UNESCO United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization UNFPA United Nations Populat...
ACRONYMS. 15 The following standard definitions are for reference purposes only and may or may not apply in their 16 entirety throughout this Agreement:
ACRONYMS. ACA The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, as amended ADA Americans with Disabilities Act AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome APA Alternative Payment Arrangement APD Advanced Planning Document ARD Accelerated Rehabilitation Decision ASAM American Society of Addiction Medicine ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder BEC Basic Education Circular BHEF Behavioral Health Encounter File BH-MCO Behavioral Health Managed Care Organization BHRS Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services for Children and Adolescents BMWBO Bureau of Minority and Women Business Opportunities BNDD Bureau of Narcotic Drugs and Devices BSU Base Service Unit CAO County Assistance Office CASSP Child and Adolescent Service System Program CAU County Administrative Unit CBCM Community Based Care Management CBO Community Based Organization CCRS Consolidated Community Reporting System CCYA County Children and Youth Agency CFO Chief Financial Officer CFR Code of Federal Regulations C/FST Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team XXXXX Children with Attention Deficit Disorders CHC Community HealthChoices CHC-MCO Community HealthChoices Managed Care Organization CIS Client Information System CISC Children and Adolescents in Substitute Care CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services COB Coordination of Benefits CQI Continuous Quality Improvement CRCS Capitation Rate Calculation Sheet CRD/LIC Credentials/License CRF Consumer Registry File CRNP Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner CRR Community Residential Rehabilitation CSI Consumer Satisfaction Instruments CSP Community Support Program CST Consumer Satisfaction Team C&Y Children and Youth D&A Drug and Alcohol DAP Disability Advocacy Program DDAP Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs DEA Drug Enforcement Agency DHHS U.S. Department of Health and Human Services DHS Department of Human Services DME Durable Medical Equipment DMIRS Data Management and Information Retrieval System DOH Department of Health DSH Disproportionate Share DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DUR Drug Utilization Review EAP Enrollment Assistance Program ECC Electronic Claims Capture ECM Electronic Claims Management EIN Employee Identification Number EMC Electronic Media Claims EPSDT Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment EQRO External Qua...