Past Practice Sample Clauses

Past Practice. This Agreement does not obligate the University to continue any practice, policy, pronouncement or benefit that affects members of the bargaining unit, except as expressly set forth in this Agreement. However, the University agrees that any discontinuance or modification of a practice, policy, pronouncement or benefit that affects members of the bargaining unit and which is not set forth in this Agreement will be developed and implemented in accord with established University procedures and processes appropriate to the purpose(s), including due consultation and advice of appropriate faculty bodies.
Past Practice. ‌ As these job descriptions are general in nature, and the reduction in job classifications having recently been negotiated, there shall occur some tasks, which are not specifically listed in any of the classifications. There shall be no change as to which classification performs certain work, once it has been established, unless changed by agreement of the joint classification committee. Unresolved disputes concerning the assignment of tasks are subject to the Grievance Procedure beginning at Step 4.
Past Practice. Existing practices sanctioned by use and acceptance, which amount to terms and conditions of employment even though not specifically included in this CMLA. In order to constitute a binding past practice, it must be established that (1) the practice must involve a condition of employment; and (2) the practice must be consistently exercised for an extended period of time and followed by both parties, or followed by one party and not challenged by the other over a substantially long duration. It should be noted that if a matter is not a condition of employment, it does not become a condition of employment either through practice or agreement.
Past Practice. There are no agreements which are binding on any of the parties other than the written provisions contained in this Agreement. No further agreements shall be binding on any of the parties until it has been put in writing and signed by the parties to be bound.