OTHER MATERIAL. 1. Material originating after the hiring of a teacher that is derogatory to her/his conduct, service, or character shall not be placed in her/his file until the teacher is given the opportunity to review it.
OTHER MATERIAL. Species or products not listed in A2, upon written approval of Contracting Officer under B3.41. B2.2 Utilization and Removal of Included Timber. “Utilization Standards” for trees and minimum pieces are stated in A2. To meet minimum tree specifications, trees must equal or exceed tree diameters listed in A2 and con- tain at least one minimum piece. Except for timber re- quired or authorized to be left, Purchaser shall fell and buck such trees and shall remove from Sale Area and present for Scaling all pieces that:
OTHER MATERIAL. All information and data contained in general product docu- mentation and pricelists, whether in electronic or any other form, are binding only to the extent that they are by reference expressly included in the Agreement. This includes any indica- tion of output in the tender material, which is therefore to be considered only as an estimated output and therefore only binding to the extent that the Agreement expressly refers to it in writing
OTHER MATERIAL. Provide, on request by the employer, any other material that has a bearing on the tender offer, the tenderer's commercial position (including notarized joint venture agreements), preferencing arrangements, or samples of materials considered necessary by the employer for the purpose of a full and fair risk assessment. Should the tenderer not provide the material, or a satisfactory reason as to why it cannot be provided, by the time for submission stated in the employer's request, the employer may regard the tender offer as being non-responsive. Dispose of samples of materials provided for the employer's evaluation.
OTHER MATERIAL. Project Co and the State may agree Other Material (which may be updated versions of the Financial Model amended in accordance with the Project Agreement or otherwise by agreement between the State and Project Co) to be deposited with the Escrow Agent and the Escrow Agent must accept custody of such Other Material deposited with it.
OTHER MATERIAL. Subject to Article 5.1 (Research Material), BAYER has the right to and shall manufacture or otherwise provide all amounts of material within the scope of LICENSED TECHNOLOGY necessary for BAYER to perform its responsibilities under this Agreement, including all material required to perform all development studies, as well as all material necessary for BAYER's marketing and sale of PRODUCT hereunder.
OTHER MATERIAL. All literary, dramatic or other material or copyrighted works of any nature based on or derived from the Work; and
OTHER MATERIAL. 16 5.3 BAYER Cost of Manufacture..........................................16